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Too high a level of B12?

after having my injection frequency reduced to six weeks from three months about 12 mouths ago, my GP said on seeing the latest blood test that the B12 levels are well up towards the top of the recommended levels, even though I am still having all the PA symptoms, he says that I should go back to injections every 3 months because it is dangerous. is it possible to have too high B12 levels?

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No we are all born with a B12 serum level of 2000. get a printout of your results , including folate levels. Doc is talking tripe. the guidelines are 1 injection every 3 months . he can give you 1 per month at his discretion. you need to be above 1000 , before you feel any benefit.


I'm trying to find out if IC... can cause high levels of b12 or at least what high levels of B12 can mean? Tx kinda scared as read scary info regarding high b12. Thank u I've had Ic for 24 yrs!!


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