Pernicious Anaemia Society

A quick welcome (from the HealthUnlocked team)

A quick welcome (from the HealthUnlocked team)

We're really happy to be able to provide this brand new, slightly unique website for Pernicious Anaemia community. The goal is simple: a secure area which allows people to share problems, successes, tips and cautions, and to support each other individual to individual, or as a group. You're welcome to post, comment and experiment with the development of this community as much as possible.

Try making a comment on this blog by clicking on "Comment" below for starters.

This page is a "Group blog" page. Blogs are like diaries or a way to tell your story/journey in instalments. Or they can be used to make observations or comments. You're welcome to join in (by requesting to become a blogger at the top of this page) or you can just read and comment on other peoples' blogs.

The Helpvine is like an online group helpline. If you have a question then feel free to ask . All other members will see the question and hopefully one of us will be able to provide answers or suggestions. If you want to be notified by email when new questions appear, you can choose to become a volunteer.

If you want to start a private conversation with a few close friends you go to "Conversations" at the top of the page and invite a few people to join a private chat.

Compare allows those of us who have visited an NHS hospital for PA/B12 treatment to feed back information on how the service was in that hospital. We all know the size and resources of hospitals vary and if we all map PA services across the UK we can localise the best places to visit for the newly diagnosed, or those who aren't so happy with treatment.

The 'Big Question' is a mixture between a poll and a discussion area. We all answer a poll and get to see what the group feels as a whole... a bit of democracy in action.

The site can grow and develop as we all see fit.

Please feel free to join in and participate. You will help others with your knowledge as others will hopefully help you. Please remember to keep posts respectful to others at all times.


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