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Heart Palpitations and anxiety

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Has anyone experienced heart palpitations with this deficiency?

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Anxiety the worst I've ever known, and compounded by alot of fear around the state of the body and mind.

Palpitations before and after B12 supplementation.

Both should start to ease off as you get sufficient treatment.

Yes - episodes of terrible palpitations , sometimes so bad and frightening . Doctor told me that there was nothing wrong with me and ro ignore any palpitations . I was eventually diagnosed with P.A. ( had to go private) . Had to self -inject because I could only get thr bog standard 3 monthly , even with numb feet - Self injecting solved nearly all the symptoms ( weekly “toxic” ! injections). No more palpitations in 7 years !

Awesome to hear! I am in the US and we can't self inject. I have done weekly injections for 6 weeks. My B12 number went up and my physician wanted to stop the injections. I have read a lot that symptoms should be treated before numbers. I know my body and how it feels. This seems to be true.

You really need to keep your levels of B12 up high in order for the B12 to get into your cells . It is as if you fill a bucket with liquid until it runs over . Only the “run over “ gets into your cells . The required amount varies from patient to patient. Lots of patients in the US do self-inject . You have the same conditions re . B12 ampoules like here in the U.K. -only obtainable on prescription . To save our heath and sanity , many of us have to self inject , getting our B12 ampoules from good German online pharmacies ( no prescription required in Germany ) People in the USA usually obtain Cynocobalamin B12 from Canada . But there are US sources for Methylcobalamin

Needles , syringes etc are obtainable in USA . If you want information, I can send you some .Best wishes .

Thank you for this response! I would love that information, please.

Hope this is helpful

Supplies for injecting B12 in USA .( Canadian online pharmacies )

biosenseclinic.com Has Cynocobalamin in single use ampoules ( safest method) and multi-use vials .Also have needles

canadadrugsuperstore.com has same as above.

bulksyringes.com has needles and syringes

allegromedical.com ditto. ditto

shopmedvet.com ditto. ditto


Methylcobalamin can be obtained from a USA source in Boca Raton



Supply all the cobalamins from Australia


B12 can be administered by either an Intra-Muscular or a sub-cutaneous injection .

For an I.M. Injection a 25G x 1 inch needle can be used .

For a sub-cutaneous injection a 30G x 1/2 inch needle

A long coarse needle , say 21G x 11/2 inches long, can be used to withdraw the B12 from the ampoule. This is needed because the needle is made blunt by touching the ampoule . This would make the injection painful .

I still don't know which I need and which would be best. Methylcobalamin or cyanocobalamin. That part is still confusing to me.Thank you for taking the time to post this! It is very helpful.

i’m so glad that you have had so much help and support ! Our “ resident scientist “ maintains that there is a lot of “hype” about methylcobalamin. Here in the U.K. we use Hydroxocobalamin which superceded Cynocobalamin but only because it doesn’t need to be injected so often . So all the best in your quest . i’m certain that you will find your way through this . This forum is great . You will have somewhere to come if you have any questions , and will have the benefit of others knowledge and experiences , Onwards and Upwards👍

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john159 in reply to wedgewood

Hi wedgewood, When I started a few months ago I did 6 loading doses over 2 weeks then went onto a monthly injection. I didnt feel so good so now I am trying weekly injections. My question is should I do the 6 loading doses again or will a weekly regimen eventually work? Could you explain what the effect of loading doses are on the body please?Regards John

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wedgewood in reply to john159

If I were you I would repeat the loading doses because you don’t feel so well at the moment . That will give you a kick -start . Then try weekly again to see if that keeps symptoms at bay . . If not , inject more regularly than weekly , and adjust as necessary . . I have injected weekly for 6 years now. You do know that you can’t overdose on B12 ,so you have nothing to worry about . Best wishes.

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john159 in reply to wedgewood

Hi thanks for the advice. At least I know now I will need doses more than once a month. Will try the 6 loading doses. Cheers John

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MoKayD in reply to SeekingHope10

F.Y.I., I'm located in the US and I self inject. My doctor gave me a prescription for B12 which I get filled at the pharmacy. He had the nurse show me how to self inject. I still go to his office once a month for an intramuscular injection (which I prefer), but in-between I will self inject into my belly fat.

Hi SeekingHope10 - I'm in the US and I'm self injecting. My doctor writes the prescription for my cyanocobalamin and needles and I inject at home as needed.

At first I was getting all shots in the office, but my insurance wouldn't pay for them and it was expensive. My doctor showed me how to inject and I've been using a good rx coupon to purchase from the pharmacy (insurance refuses to pay for vitamins). It's worked out fairly well. I was prepared to purchase online from Canada if I needed to. Thankfully my doctor has been supportive. This forum has lots of threads where people share the best online pharmacies to buy from.

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lynxis in reply to SeekingHope10

I had palpitations before treatment. I am in the US and I self inject. Biosense Clinic in Canada has always been great to work with for cyanocobalamin. (They need your doctor's name to put in your file but they don't call them.) Sometimes you can get hydroxocobalamin from Amazon.de or other German sources. And vitaminB12online.com has methylcobalamin produced in Japan.

They always want to stop when the numbers go up. Of course the numbers go up. They just don't get it and won't listen to patients -- too worried about malpractice and undereducated about B12 and PA. I struggled with them for months, continuing to decline, before I took my health into my own hands (again). I finally feel almost "normal" but only because I SI almost every day.

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scnuke in reply to SeekingHope10

I am in the US also and there is no reason that you cannot self inject. I started sourcing my cyano from Canada and syringes, etc from Amazon. My family Dr. agrees and now writes an Rx for daily hydroxo injections. I fill it at Walgreens and it is very inexpensive for a 30ml vial. He also has no problem if I am feeling very rundown to inject twice a day if needed. The hydroxo formulation seems to work much better for me, but I alway keep some cyano on hand as backup if I need to inject more frequently. Good Luck.

I am in the US and you CAN self inject. Order it on line.

Where in the US are you located? I’m right across the river from Detroit in Windsor Ontario. I still can’t believe people everywhere are not able to purchase this in pharmacies. Crazy!

Yes! A ridiculous amount of anxiety and downright scary palpitations and blood pressure issues.

I have had palpitations with my heart rate going up to 200 Beats per minute. Then my blood pressure started increasing from 100/60 to 140/93. I started taking blood pressure meds, but am having side effects from those.

I have been self injecting daily for five days now. I usually do every other day, but had let four days lapse between injections and I think that got my system off track. I plan to continue daily injections for awhile. I hope that stops this difficult cycle.

Can you say more Plucky, on your experience? Thanks, Sita.

Before knowing about my b12 deficiency, I was being woken up multiple times a night feeling startled. It was almost a scared feeling. My heart would feel like it was going to come out of my chest. My bp would be 150/ 110. I felt as though I would die. It was so bad one night that my husband called an ambulance. I am now at about 130/85-90 usually. I do have some weight to lose so I know that has a lot to do with it. I ended up in hospital for 4 days with them trying to figure out what my issue was. Obviously to no avail. Once I started injections the waking up startled, stopped but my anxiety and panic attacks were still pretty bad. Then I started injecting 3 times per week. About a month later I started taking a very low dose of an anxiety med. The doctor to this day keeps asking me if I want to increase it but honestly I’m good with the way I feel so I don’t want to change anything. I’m told it’s barely considered therapeutic.

It took a couple of months before I started feeling more normal. That was almost 4 years ago. I did also add a low dose folate and iron supplement and that seemed to make a difference. I also started having Epsom salt baths daily. Once I felt like myself again I cut them down to only when my stress level is a little too high for my liking. Vitamin D is also something I take daily. It took a good year before fatigue was my only complaint. Mostly when I am doing heavier physical work.

I take folate and Magnesium with weekly B12 injections and D3 at 50, 000IU 1x per week.

I tried cutting down to once weekly. I simply can’t. I can go down to 2 injection per week for a while but eventually I just don’t feel as well as I do on 3 per week. The anxiety and heart palpitations along with numbness come back. Not nearly as bad since I start injecting back on schedule usually right away. I no longer bother trying to cut back but it seems sometimes I let life get in the way and forget or I get busy with something with full intentions on having an injection but then it’s too late in the day for one as it keeps me up for most of the night. I just don’t feel tired if I get it too late in the day. On another note iron is also something that will give you pretty bad palpitations if it isn’t in check.

My iron was actually on the higher side

Are you still having the palpitations? How long have you been treated?

I've only had 6 injections at 1x per week

I would try injections more often. I’m not sure how long you’ve been receiving them but it will take a bit once you are on a schedule that works for you.

I have had the BP issues as well. Mine spikes.

Absolutely. The palpitations have improved tremendously over time with weekly injections but don’t expect a quick fix. I’m nearly two years into this and still have them. My anxiety was sky-high and is now almost non-existent. I had no idea how much low b12 impacted my anxiety until one day I realized I couldn’t remember the last time I felt jittery, panicked, or anxious.

yes and so does a friend of mine who also has PAall good luck and best wishes


Yes. I experienced heart palpitations before diagnosis and initial treatment. That is one symptom that subsided with initial treatment never to return even during a couple of relapses that occurred with inadequate treatment. One of the relapses was so severe that I was more symptomatic than before diagnosis and initial treatment but I didn’t experience heart palpitations. I am in the US and self inject under the care of my physician. Finding an adequate injection schedule to keep symptoms from returning has been a struggle for me but I am better now than I ever have been. My levels have to be so high—over 2,000 to feel normal. Best of luck to you in getting what you need to recover and stay healthy.

Yes, I am experiencing palpitations at this present time. I have stepped my self injections up to one per day. I do have an endocrinologist who prescribes the B12 for me in the US.

Some acupuncturists will do this as well. I ordered the needles online. Best of luck to you.

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lynxis in reply to Sita505USA

Do you mind me asking what region of the USA your endocrinologist is in? I was humiliatingly disregarded by the one I was sent to. To have one actually prescribing B12 would be amazing. How long have you been on daily injections? I was on daily for a year and a half. I am trying 5 days a week now. I do have some minor symptoms returning, though.

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Sita505USA in reply to lynxis

I am in New Mexico and the endocrinologist is actually a nurse practitioner. Some nurse practitioners are more open to this than MDs. As I said, some Accupuncture doctors will prescribe as well. I have been self injecting since 2018, but with different doctors…none of them are very knowledgeable about B12; the current nurse practitioner is the best.

Best of luck to you! Sita

I cannot express how grateful for all of your posts. Thank you. I get so scared with those heart palpitations. Also - - to learn I can self inject is so comforting. I am so afraid of going backwards. This is all so new to me.... I have been researching, but still have so many questions.

Yes. My heart rate was recorded on an ecg at 252bpm. I had two ablations to resolve it long before B12 was diagnosed,

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Sita505USA in reply to bal456

Did the ablations work to correct it? Thanks, Sita

Heart palpitations were the driving force behind me discovering I was B12 deficient. All the nerve issues (tremors, falls, false hot sensations) and other symptoms (extreme fatigue, mental fog, blood pressure spikes) I ignored over the years, but the increasing palpitations triggered anxiety like nothing else. I have been on self-injections for 1.5 years now, weekly for 4 months. Almost all other symptoms have subsided and the palpitations are better, though not entirely gone. I have caught them on an event monitor. They are PVCs and PACs, rarely occurring, and so the only thing to do is hope they keep diminishing. I believe weekly injections have helped.

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