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Some Tuesday silliness


I wrote a poem for my doctor that I thought might amuse you all. I’ve had another injection today because I’ve decided having feeling in my fingertips is actually quite helpful.

To my doctor

Hello Mr. doctor, I hope that you’re ok,

I know you think I’m crazy and wish I’d go away,

I know you think it’s strange how I like to feel my fingers

Or survive the day without a nap

(That exhaustion really lingers).

I know you think my blood tests are ‘absolutely fine’,

You tell me that I’m anxious, I suspect you think I whine,

To me the movement in my limbs is not an added plus,

Although you think that’s curious, and that I make a fuss,

I hope you never end up at the mercy of a man,

Who says that he will help you (but somehow never can),

So to sum my thoughts up doctor, and I know that you will scoff,

But I bought some b12 from abroad and now I’ll say... 🤬🤬

(You weren’t very helpful 😆)

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Brilliant - especially the end 😊. This is my letter to Doctors who say, ‘You are addicted, you like the rush blah blah !!

Dear Doctors,

I don’t understand your kind of stupid but I admire your total commitment to it.

Yours sarcastically,

Haha, that’s funny 😂

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

That made me laugh aloud! Fantastic!

Thank you! x

Parksy in reply to Narwhal10

That should be written in capitals in bold framed and put on the Drs office wall. That’s brilliant!

That is amazing!

Love it!


Love the non-rhyme at the end :)

I love it too ! Excellent ! 10/10 🥇

clivealiveForum Support


😁 Love it. Make my day by saying you gave it to your doctor.

Hahaha. Noo, can you imagine?! It would be quite funny though.


That is absolutely brilliant!

It's a great poem, as well as the words and meaning behind it!

Thank you so much! X

Brilliant! That’s cheered my day already. Thank you!

Brilliant... I trust you sent it !??


Love it.

Brilliant, sums up my GPS to a tee!

That is absolutely brilliant, wish we could send it out to all of them!

Fantastic how clever you are lol x

😂🤣😂🤣 thank you!

Thanks for that, it made my day :-)

So funny... and true!

Made me laugh out loud !! 😂😂


I wrote a similar poem myself to vent frustration in 2012 after waiting years to get right diagnosis! Like it!👍😀

Excellent. love it. 😂


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