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I would like to start self injections.


I live in the United States and was diagnosed with B12 deficiency. After having an upper endoscopy, with multiple biopsies done. I now know that I have pernicious anemia. I have completed the loading doses, one shot weekly for 6 weeks and my doctor wants me to now have monthly injections for the rest of my life. The trouble is that I do not get past mid month and my symptoms return. I get extremely fatigued, dizzy, and my muscles in my legs are very weak. I have small fiber peripheral neuropathy and some numbness in feet and lower legs. I would like to self inject, so I can give my self more frequent injections, but my doctor will not give me a prescription to do so. Is there anywhere in the UK that I would be able to purchase injectable B12 without a prescription and have it shipped to me? I am a retired RN and have given my self injections before. I am just so tired of feeling better for a few days only to have it a come crashing done again for over 2 weeks every month before I can get my shot. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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There is nowhere in the UK that you can get hydroxocobalamin without prescription. But you do not need a prescription to get it from Germany, and that's what menay of us do. But I don't think any of them ship to the US.

It should be much easier to get cyanocobalamin over there. That is just as good.

If you look over to the right -> you should see Related Posts. One of them should have all the info you need.

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Thank you fbirder. I'll check out some of the other posts or try and get a prescription from my doctor here. I have tried the sublingual and it does nothing for me, so I just have to find a way to get the injectable and give myself extra doses.

I am also in the US. Would you be able to work with your doctor to have more frequent injections approved? Since this is a lifelong illness you will need a doctor who is willing to really listen and work with you. Make note of your symptoms and when they return. I went along with my doctor's recommendations for way too long before I realized I was still quite ill. (Mine goes along with my requests, she just doesn't have a lot of interest)

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How true! My doctor admits to not knowing much about pernicious anemia. That says a lot about how much they care. I told him to google it, and then I took him my book, "Could It Be B12?" It's by an RN and a doctor, Jeffery Stuart. It talks about how grossly undertreated B12 def. and pernicious anemia are. There are many case studies. Many are about how undertreated people had to live with symptoms they would not have if they had been treated properly. If a doctor is not willing to continue to learn from their patients than they will never be the well experienced, great doctor that everyone seeks out. If my doctor is not willing to learn, than I think it's time to go doctor shopping. Thank you for replying Emmers5. This web site is a comfort, for sure.


Don't know how customs would handle it but we do not need a prescription to buy cyanocobalamin here in Canada. You can find vials on amazon.ca.


They are making a ton though. I just bought a vial for $3. 80 at Wal-Mart.

It will be freeing to not rely on others for your health and comfort with symtoms returning.

Best wishes going forward.

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Yes, it would indeed be freeing to finally be able to feel better most of the time. Thanks for the info, Litatamon. I will certainly check it out.

I think I read on the forum that it's possible to get over the counter B12 ampoules in Canada.

Maybe you could search the posts on the forum to see what Canadian forum members say.

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Thank you, Sleepybunny, I'll look into that.

I would suggest finding a new doctor. I can't understand why your doctor wouldn't give you a prescription.


In the United States they would give me a prescription, it's just that it would be refillable based on how many doses my doctor wanted me to have in a month, which would be one, and I feel I need more than one dose a month. We use the cyanocobalamin here and it does not last as long as the methylcobalamin that is used in the UK.


I live in the US and have managed to badger my doctors into prescriptions for daily or every other day self injections. From this website I have saved this information about buying from Canada. Good luck!

Pharmacies for B12

This is my list, so there are probably a few others, at least, where you can order B12 online from Canada. So far, I've only found cyanocobalamin. Shipping takes one week or so.

canadadrugsuperstore.com/ This has been the easiest place for me, so far.


There is a third site, but it works with b12-shot.com and I stopped using both because they seemed to be having a fued.

Average price is $16.99 for a 10 ml vial. $13.00 shipping per order. $9.99 for 10 syringes/needles. I can buy syringes cheaper at Walgreens, but you need a prescription.

Zero concerns! Just received my 2nd shipment and no issues with customs.. the site is buy-otc.com

3-30mL bottles on sale for $94 plus shipping.

I hope this helps, Sita

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This is very helpful. Thank you Sita 505 USA! I'm going to go ahead and order some.

I don't know how US customs would handle bringing a lot over on a trip to Canada; but it might be worth a weekend away to get your stash! If you love travelling anyway. Plus your US dollar goes so far here, that is like Christmas morning.

Those suppliers are making a boatload from you all. And I just injected and looked at my expiry date. It is 2021, so that isn't an issue at all.

Yes getting it at any cost via mail is success. And adding an extra expense just to get b12 doesn't make sense. But if one likes to travel - see your basketball/baseball/hockey team - discover a new place - why not!?

Just a thought!

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That is an interesting thought! My husband says it would be about an 800 mile drive for us, but it would be worth it if I could stock up. I would have to research the customs part. Thanks Litatamon.

I have used this pharmacy in Canada as a source. biosenseclinic.com They sell 10 or 30ml vials. Syringes and needles are easy to source through Amazon. Price is very reasonable and they were reliable. I have sense switched to a compounded M-B12 SQ daily and it seems to be better, but YMMV. Everyone is different. Good Luck!

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Thank you scnuke. I will check the site out!

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