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How long does it take for a result of blood test for Intrinisc Factor in UK

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I had blood taken on 7th December for Intrinsic Factor, no results were back ten days later when I saw my doctor on 17th, should it take so long for results ? I have neurological symptoms due to be wrongly diagnosed as suffering from ME/CFS in 2000 after attending my GP in 1990 with same symptoms, which I had experienced intermittently since 1978, and maybe previously.

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I understand that the IFAB test is fairly unusual and is considered non-urgent. It uses the same machinery as many other tests, but needs different chemicals. So they do them in batches when they get enough. That, combined with the Xmas hols probably means it can take a few weeks.

If your doctor suspects a B12 deficiency then they should be treating now, rather than waiting. Ask to be treated according to this protocol...

Mine took 2 weeks to come back.

2 weeks for mine too (end Nov time 3 years ago) Started injections the day the results came back positive. May be worth chasing up with the surgery but bear in mind that the test is not very reliable and can falsely show negative almost half the time.

Bsh guidelines are helpful but a long read.

Mine took a week

The loading doses were started straight away though

Mine was back in 3 days , I had requested an iron deficiency test, but was diagnosed with PA

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