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Martyn Hooper needs our support

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Just to let everyone know, in case you may have missed it.

Martyn (Chair of the Pernicious Anaemia Society) is going to give a speech at the House of Commons about PA/B12 deficiency, and wants to reach as many MPs as he can. We can help by sending an e-mail about this to our MPs, or visiting them in surgery. PAS also need to be notified if MPs are going to attend. He will speak three times:

!st November, 12.00 noon, 12.40pm and 1.40(?)pm......(haven't got my diary, but think these timings are right: please amend if not)

I have e-mailed my local MP and written to him at the House of Commons- I sent a card with a photo on the front: of a self-portrait I have done on slate called "Restitution" - which I have previously only shown to my family. I'm hoping it explains how I feel more clearly than I could achieve with words.

Once I have had confirmation that he has received this, I will show it to you here, because you will understand it more than anyone else could, however much they may want to. I am relieved in not facing this alone but also very, very sorry that we have this in common.

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Thanks for the reminder . Yes I’ve sent it to my MP and also for a friend who is also a member . There should be other things on MPs minds apart from Brexit .

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I emailed David Liddington ages qgo but have not had any response.

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I'm also "on hold", Clive. I'm hoping this does not mean they haven't read it, just that responses take a while. Cross your fingers that they turn up on the day !

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My MP has "represented" me for 26 years and is currently a bit busy as "Minister for the Cabinet Office and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster."

I think it would be a good idea if all MPs were tested for a Vitamin B12 deficiency then maybe upwards of 40% would turn up to the meetings :)

Brilliant! Thank you for this.

I'll make sure I'm following you to ensure that I see your post.

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Will happen, Denise, but sadly at the moment trying to organise my mum's funeral. Very difficult to tell shock and overwhelming grief from some symptoms, so doing daily injections for now.

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