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Help please


Hi everyone.... waited in all morning for doctors prearranged phone call but told 5 mins ago that the doctor has rung in sick.... the call was apparently to discuss results of Abnormal Immunology results.... photo below... does it mean anything to anyone to put my mind at ease until the doctor gets in touch. Also my B12, folate etc all in range!!!!( sometimes that doesn’t mean anything I know. I take 50mcg of Levo for thyroid and B12 injections.

Immunology G G level.. below range 4.57gLl(6.0-15.6) below range

ImmunologyAlevel .. below range...0.47g/l


Both below ref limit

Added note Serum protein electrophoresis....Result .. Paraprotein identified as an lgM Kappa

Would appreciate any help understanding these results

Also it says to refer routinely to Haemotology


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I assume your spell checker change immunoglobulin to immunology.

Immunoglobulin A (IgA) normally doesn’t cause any symptoms.

IgG is more complicated and you will probably need another test.

The whole immune system stuff is far too complicated for me. I’d recommend waiting for the doctor. If it were anything serious then I’m sure they wouldn’t make you wait.

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