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Requesting guidance about labs. Very High!


B12 reference 83-986 pg/ML : result 2,035 H

Folate 3.10-17.50 result: 93.60 H

Homeocysteine 3.2-10.7 result: 6.8 good

MMA 0-378nmol/L result 90

Several years ago B12 sky high even when not taking supplement.

Past 3 months methyl B12 -1,500 mcg & Methyl Folate 7.5mg

Doctor wants me to continue with both despite these high readings.

Not sure what to do? do I have PA ? Absorption problems for sure. Folate in 2017 was normal when not taking supplement.

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I'm not an expert on blood results but I know you can't overdose on VitB12 and sky high readings are not a problem, wish mine kept high. Plus you need folic for healthy blood cells, I still take 5mg folic every second day, as prescribed. Hopefully, someone with better knowledge than me can also advise 06hat, best wishes


you don't have PA, or a B12 absorption problem by the look of the above results. PA and absorption problems are things that would leave you with low serum B12 levels.

However you may have a problem metabolising B12 and this would mean that you need to have really high serum B12 levels for enough to actually get through to your cells to run all the processes that it is needed for. These problems are genetic and also very rare.

The MMA and homocysteine results are both in normal range implying that you are getting enough B12 into your cells with the high serum levels.

There are a few things that can cause high B12 that aren't so benign - liver and kidney problems - but it sounds as if your GP has probably ruled those out and the MMA result would imply that kidney problems certainly aren't a factor.

I would suggest that you really talk to your GP to confirm that the reason why they are telling you to take the tablets is because of a problem metabolising B12 once it is in your blood.

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