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Interesting news.

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Don't have all my labs back yet, but with about 6 weeks of sublingual methylcobalamin I've about doubled my B12 level. Was 261, now 536. U.S. range is roughly 100 to 800 or 900 (when I get the methylmalonic acid numbers I'll post the lot - FYI, intrinsic and parietal both negatives). Neuropathy and mood much improved, but what I found out is my level previously had been 261 for more than a year - he never mentioned it until I saw him about the neuropathy.

I'll keep you posted.

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Hi nifuarain-63 it's good to read that the sublinguals are helping improve your neuropathy. Be interested to know your MMA results.

Was your Folate level tested?

I am not a medically trained person.

I wish you well.

Thank you, Clive.

Here's the lab report on the B12. Previously, I had been at least a year at 261.

Component Results

ComponentYour ValueStandard Range

Vitamin B12536 pg/mL

Range: 180 - 933 pg/mL

I forgot when I saw him to ask about folate - he told me during the appointment that he's leaving medicine. A huge disappointment as he's absolutely brilliant and diagnosed me a few years ago with a rare immune disorder neither my previous doctor nor a specialist figured out.

He's curious to see what my methylmalonic acid levels will be (last time they were far higher than normal and I have no kidney issues). When he calls with those results, I'll ask him about the folate. Thank you for the reminder and all the support you provide here on the forum.

Hi nifuarain-63, can I ask the doseage of sublingual you take daily? Thank you.

Of course. I take the Jarrow brand 1,000 mcg. I'm in the U. S., and buy it at Whole Foods.

Thank you, I take 1000mcg x2 sublingual a day, plus a jab every 10 weeks, so far so good...Ithink x

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