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b12 result of 75pmol - requires treatment?


I've had a recent b12 test with a result of 75pmol. GP retested with full blood count and various other bits, and the results are back today - I was asked to get more tests in 4 & 8 weeks, no plan to see a doc or get any treatment in the meantime. Is that level not low enough to require injections, as that's what I was expecting to be honest?

I don't have the numbers from the second test, receptionist says they don't give out copies, but I'm presuming the level wasn't much different from the test done a week earlier - going to confirm with the GP when they ring to schedule the 4 week test.

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If this was a serum B12 test, and not an ‘active’ B12 test then the result is very low and you should be receiving treatment immediately.

You should insist on a course of injections starting as soon as possible. If your idiot doctor wants another blood test then they can take one 5 minutes before you have your first injection.

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It was total serum, definitely not active. It was a Thriva at-home testing kit, which is why she wanted to retest properly (fair enough) with FBCs etc. So there is a tiny chance that wasn't accurate, but as they just wanted me to arrange the tests without seeing the doc I'm presuming there was nothing unexpected in the results.

Annoyed that all I got is a text message saying I need monthly blood tests with NO explanation of why, what they're looking for, what the results were etc.

The GP is meant to be ringing me to arrange the blood tests so hoping they will be able to give me results and if b12 confirms the last test will ask why the repeated testing rather than treatment.

"don't have the numbers from the second test, receptionist says they don't give out copies"

You are entitled, by law, to have copies of your blood results, you not only have an "idiot doctor" but a know nothing receptionist.

Many people on here keep copies of all their tests. Some doctors say 'normal' when it is definitely not.

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And this is exactly why I tend to DIY my own blood tests! Had years of 'everything's normal' from docs over various periods of fatigue. Though this one did get points for saying that whilst my Vit D was 'normal' it wasn't optimal. She was a locum so not sure who's looked at the results & asked for more tests.


Well the retest has me at 197ng/L so no further action. The test in 4 weeks is apparently to keep an eye on kidneys

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