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B12 or not B12??


Hi all, I’ve been feeling unwell (dizzy, tired, confused, weak) for over 18 months, B12 was 392 at the “beginning”, so seemed ok.

When I feel unwell my blood pressure is low (78/58 today).

If I take lots of B12 I seem to improve, but get acne, and I’m not sure I’m even doing the right thing, seeing I’ve not been diagnosed with low B12.

Any advice please?



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If you haven't supplemented then try repeating the serum B12 test - if there has been a significant drop - more than 20% then that is good evidence that you have an absorption problem.

Otherwise you could have a genetic problem with metabolising B12 - though they are quite rare - and may need higher levels of B12 to ensure that your cells get enough to run all the processes they need to run.

Not sure about the blood pressure - would suggest seeing your GP about that one - certainly looks on the low side.

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