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B12 and Iron


Hello, I'm new here.

I would love to pick the brains of the B12-educated people about the relationship between B12 and iron. I found one previous post from 2 years ago, from a woman showing her high serum iron and saturation levels apparently coinciding with her B12 supplementation. This is the case for me as well. My serum iron levels have hung around 70 (40-190 ref range) for the last 5 years. In may 2018, they were 77. My saturation levels were 29% (11-50% ref range) in May.

Fast forward to my test results from 2 days ago and they were: iron serum 195 (40-190) and saturation 76% (11-50%). The only thing that changed was my B12 supplementation nearly 3 weeks ago.

Has this happened to anyone else?

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Hi, this is really interesting because I had the opposite reaction. I have haemachromatosis, although not severely, and have blood letting every 3 months to get my transferrin saturation down to below 50%, as it is usually around 55%. I have been taking B12 supplements 3 or 4 times a week and the last time I had my blood test I didn't need the blood letting because it had come down to 40% which it hasn't been for 2 years.

So sorry I don't have an answer but clearly B12 must make a difference one way or the other!

Hopefully someone knowledgeable will be able to give you some more useful comments.

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