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B12 - how often should I inject? Every 24 hours?


I have just started to self inject.

I have injected twice now and wow - it was like liquid life - I could feel the effect straight away - within half an hour or so I could feel it working its way into my system and the draining fatigue that I suffer simply went away.

24 hours later I seemed to crash again - the draining fatigue returned - so I injected myself again and the effects were, once again immediate and the fatigue went and I started to feel 'normal' - I never thought I would feel normal again.

Here I am 24 hours further on and I am starting to feel the need for another injection - so 3 injections, one every 24 hours -

is that right - or shall I hold off and supplement with the B12 spray that I was using prior to the injections?

Also - can someone explain to me what loading doses are?

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Suppose you had a leaky bucket that you want to keep nearly filled.

You could add a glass of water every hour. But it would all leak away before the next glass was added. Instead you add 20 glasses in the first hour, filling the bucket. Now you add one glass an hour and that’s enough to keep the bucket close to full.

Those 20 glasses added rapidly are your loading doses.

At the moment your B12 bucket is probably lose to empty. You need to repeat your daily injections for at least a week, preferably two, to fill the bucket. Only then can you start playing with the frequency of injections. You’ll be aiming to inject often enough to keep those symptoms at bay.

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Yes, I see what you are saying ... that really helps, thank you.

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