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Endocrinologist no help


Im so upset frustrated and annoyed not getting any where fast. Gp refered me for chronic pain and fatigue.One blood test for cortisol levels and discharged from clinc nothing more he can do..whole time 3months my Dr refusing to treat me ( as I am under endo ) now endo says see your dr for a review of pain treatment.Have low platlets low blood pressure Hashimotos pernicious anemia chronic skeletal pains, hernia and im fatigued like a zombie

Round and round the nhs. Like a merry go round I go .I am comming to the conclusion thyroid and PA are ignored refered from one dept to another without much realy happening for the patient.Off to Self Inject my b12 which I brought from germany as our backward health service limits these regardless of how ill we sre.sorry for ranting on but soooooo annoyed by lack of progress and feeling like the living dead.

Looking for any advise to feel better need tips to heal my stomach and increase vitamin and mineral intake.dont do dairy trying to avoid gluten as well. Rant over thanks for reading.

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Have a good rant Winnie - most of us here identify with your frustration at the system. I personally found the stress of dealing with the NHS one of the worst possible drawbacks to healing PA/B12def. so you'll be avoiding this and doing all the right things by concentrating energy on healing your gut/brain, staying gluten free, as well as self injecting when you feel you need to 🤗

70,000 members on the TUK forum is surely witness to the fact that doctors generally don't understand thyroid disease either, being reluctant to prescribe sufficient medication, causing other serious problems.

I've been gluten free for a few years now. This, together with daily spoonfuls of sauerkraut (best probiotic I've tried) has alleviated all the painful digestive problems I'd had for years 🤗

The books, "Why do I still have Thyroid Symptoms, when my Lab Tests are normal" and, "Why isn't my Brain Working", are written by Dr K, leading neurologist and researcher into the gut/brain connection and it's link to autoimmune diseases. He lectures post graduates but his books are very readable to the layman. He confirms that you don't necessarily have to test positive for coeliac or have obvious gastric symptoms to be sensitive to gluten - you probably already know that food high in gluten can damage the microvilli (little hairs) that line our intestinal system and make it harder to absorb vital nutrients like vitamin B12, D3, iron, selenium, magnesium, etc.


Best wishes for better health and support.

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Thanks for replying and the advise , I will have a read thanks

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