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Ok I am doing really good. I started my first injection last week. Now injecting every day, it's kinda fun. ?lol Could this be due to better

absorption? Of B12? Read here that is there is %100 absorption rate? Probably the reason.

Irreversible? brain damage/impairment seems to be clearing up.

Im out of fish oils too, and I seem to be doing good.

Im taking extra things still, and need less, but they seem to be working better?

Also, I took some cinnamon before bed, and believe it really helps my brain. To a very beneficial degree.

Brain seems to be coming back, after years.


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Doing 1-2 ml injections daily.

20 000 mcg sublinguals, as well


Again, cardamom is really helping.

Please do your own research regarding what's best and safe for you of course


Good news, was remaining positive, tried not to give up, and found I had fish oils. Felt better, then I saw that I had a whole bottle, and took more, and feel even better.

Would've had to wait next? week for them to come.

MOOD fish oils by Point of Return. A non- profit.


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