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To many problems plus gaining weight

I’m a 51 year old woman and I have the following conditions:



stomach ulcers

Barrettes esophagus

Pseroatic arthritis

Brain tumor

The brain tumor will soon be gone. My problem is my diet. It seems like the food plans for each problem conflicts with the other problem. So I’m just confused on what to eat to stay healthy and not make anything worse.

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Sorry to hear that you have so many problems. I’m not sure that you’ll find the nutrition expertise that you need on this PA/B12d forum (although I hope someone can prove me wrong)!

In my inexpert opinion I think I’d be taking the best of each diet, avoid what doesn’t make me feel good and eat what does.

I think I’d be asking for a referral to a dietician or nutritionist too.

Good luck!

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Hi I have a similar profile, I don't eat gluten, ever, and I take a decent daily probiotic, plus D, B12 and Iron when needed. I eat a very good Mediterranean diet rich in oily fish etc, and have a few brazil nuts every day, to counteract the lack of Selenium from being gluten free. I also regularly order a panel of private blood tests to see what is going on with my levels of things such as Thyroid, D, B12 and Iron. I also take a lot of supplements. MaryF


Thank you so much for your reply. Can you tell me what you mean about private blood panels?


You just have to look on line, there is Medichecks, and also Blue Horizon, the last ones I did were Blue Horizon, Thyroid plus 15, if you decide to do it, I have a discount code for them....

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Israeli Team now said a Peptide Cure found in MS, Chron's numerous illness so time will tell if True


My daughter has had luck with the Paleo Autoimmune Diet. It’s highly restrictive, but did resolve the weight gain issues caused by inflammation. She's been on the plan for about a year now. Eventually she hopes to be able to add back in some of the forbidden foods one at a time, but first she’s waiting for her symptoms to completely calm down. Timing seems to be an important factor, too. Late night eating is problematic, so she tries to avoid food 3 hours before bedtime. (I’ll have to share with her Mary F’s advice about selenium because I don’t think my daughter is aware of the potential deficiency caused by being gluten free. Thanks Mary!)


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