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SIBO/ not SIBO ? Looking better, but still symptomatic

Here I am, as of today in my 60's, and still in Limboland.

Finished with my antibiotics (and probiotics) for suspected SIBO - and looking undeniably healthy...... skin good, hair shiny, gums not bleeding and, for the first time in 10+years, no sore mouth with split corners- all this is true.

However, constant vertigo/dizziness that I assumed to be antibiotic side-effects not gone (finished 2 wk course 2 days ago), nor the daily diarrhoea (which is the first symptom I would've expected to improve, if I have got SIBO).

Also obviously still got the memory, mood-swings, concentration and cognitive problems that make everything difficult: can't read a book or follow a discussion programme or anything with a complex plot, can't sit in a cafe or restaurant and focus on the one voice nearest to me, can't get back to full-time teaching...... so still injecting every other day in the hope that I can recover. From what exactly, no-one seems able to tell me.

Despite all this, having a rather lovely day today -and hoping my 60's will finally bring answers and a solution. Although from which quarter, I'm unsure.

No more tests or consultations in the offing, beyond a sign-off from Metabolics, just waiting on reports now.

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Time for those Thyroid tests then :-) Wait for the Special Offers on Thursdays - ah tomorrow. If you sign up for the Newsletters then you will automatically be notified of Special Offers etc. Also look at Medichecks - as I think they are the ones that do the Thursday Offers !

To save you looking back these are the tests - TSH - FT4 - FT3 and Anti-TPO & Anti-Tg.

Still waiting for the Biggie on the Premium Bonds !!

From Grumpy Grandma in Crete aka Bossy Bird :-) x


Thanks Marz- knew I'd forgotten something !

Had a real "game of two halves" yesterday : fantastic morning- big breakfast in cafe and then bought shoes (birthday present from my mum) then back home and all went pear-shaped: really bad headache and what could have been pressure pain in either or all of following: teeth/gums/cheekbones/sinuses ? Very dizzy and tinnitus, heartbeat wrong- slow but thumping, abdominal pain..... felt really ill, like body trying to get rid of something toxic ? Real shame, because I had quite a few visitors. Couldn't eat or drink anything but sips of water, couldn't sleep either.

Not quite the quietish celebration I had planned.

Not back on track yet today so in Library early to see if anyone knows what could cause this- could this all be a reaction against anti-(or pro-) biotics ? Even though I finished course on Monday ? Will ask in the chemist if no-one around.

PS: Quite partial to Bossy Birds myself- almost certain they are what keeps the world turning.

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It is well documented that anti-b's upset the gut micro-biome and could have undone all the good work you have done - so hope you are feeling stronger today.

Glad you had a few treats for your Birthday. Could it have been something in that Big Breakfast in the Cafe ? - your resistance could be low after the Anti-B's and an allergy could have been the cause. After all allergies are immune responses and yours will be dodgy at the moment thanks to the Anti-B's - hell what do I know ?? :-) x

Take good care and get the paints out soon ....

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................More than me, it seems, Marz !

Well it was a very large breakfast, but did include poached egg... which alongside my injection yesterday morning, should've been plenty of B12, no?

Didn't even get a glass of Merlot.

Have started an eggshell mosaic (got to do something with all the leftovers !)- will take a photo when it's done. Think it will make you laugh. All I'm saying, you'll have to wait.

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I am sensitive to eggs - but not all the time - so it must be to do with egg quality. Princesses are delicate and need special eggs !!

Am waiting for masterpiece to appear ....

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Princesses maybe, carpenters not so much !

Besides, I'm a vegetarian- where else am I going aside from eggs or cheese for my additional B12 ...which I'm not sure in any case that I can get from food now and certainly that Boost spray does nothing for me. Please don't say "Special K".

Been to chemist who sent me to GP, GP said seems likely that it was a reaction to antibiotics, but is not as bad as yesterday, so keep hydrated and eat bland food...... NOW you can say Special K !

So far, being 60 hasn't been as good as expected.... aside from the shoes of course (thanks, mum!)


Special K for me is Kei Nishikori - the tennis player ! - and as I have never eaten the stuff I wouldn't know what it contains. Grew up on a Dairy Farm but do not drink milk - or eat cream - but love cheese - which does not help my Hypo weight !

I can just about remember being 60 - those years were so good - seems a little tougher as I hurtle towards 72 !! About to take my 3rd yoga class this week -tomorrow, so not all bad :-) Had an extra class yesterday for two American ladies here on holiday.

Where to find B12 - umm ! I guess like everything it is not what we eat - but what we absorb :-)

Keep getting stronger ....


Reaction wearing off gradually, and 60s looking better already. Went to Inherited Metabolic Diseases consultant appointment. He must've been doing his homework lately because he's stopped telling me off about the injections and the "euphoric feeling" (....wish!). Now says "Carry on, it's not doing you any harm ! "

He will see me in a year when they have unravelled my DNA to find mutations - or whatever it is they do.

Meanwhile, guess what ? Doing a full panel thyroid test by post ! Waiting for it now !

(Cashed in a small pension, so old it matured at 60)

PS: While talking to family re. medical history, my mum told me about the start of her vitiligo- started from a vaccination scar on her upper arm and spread over the years. How's that for a wonky autoimmune reaction !

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Good to hear the latest 😊 Am in the UK at present - on a flying visit to catch up with children and grandchildren 😊 Will look out for your results - you can always send me a PM .... hang in there !


Hi Marz - can't remember how to do that so I'll just let you know that I'm fine, I think, but please feel free to double check me:

TSH: 3.39 (0.27- 4.20)

free throxine : 14.3 (12-22)

total thyroxine (T4): 78.8 (59-154)

Free T3: 5.16 (3.1- 6.8)

Thyroglobulin antibody: <10 (0-115)

Thyoid Peroxidase antibodies: 15.8 (0- 34)

.....Let me know okay?

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With those results you will be told by your GP all is fine/normal. TSH in healthy folk is 2 or under. Your Thyroid is producing T4 but not enough - needs to be higher in the range. The T3 is keeping you going. You do not have Hashimotos at the moment - as TPO anti-bodies are low in range.

Your thyroid is beginning to struggle ... keep a watchful eye ☺

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Thanks for that, Marz. I will. "Onward and upward" is a very slow and sometimes disheartening process especially when you are unsure what exactly is the underlying cause. Maybe I will never know. Maybe the metabolics expert will tell me in a year. In the meantime, I will keep trying to work it out, and rely on the support I get from here !

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The difficulty with the thyroid is that symptoms - and there are over 300 - can be there for up to 10 years before showing up in the blood ....

When I look back over the years I can see my thyroid issues clearly - and it was another 10 years before I was diagnosed at 59 in 2005. Didn't have it tested until after moving here in 2004 - as far as I know :-)

What time did you have the test done ? Apologies if I have asked that :-(


No, you haven't. Probably should have got your advice earlier before going ahead, but did a postal blood sample at 11 am, and had breakfast after...... good idea/ bad one ?


Sounds fine although earlier the better as the TSH is highest first thing and drops after eating. An earlier test could well have taken you over range and a Hypo diagnosis. Who knows ? X

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I wondered if antibiotics had affected your B12 levels.

I am not medically trained.

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It could be that, Sleepybunny . I felt nauseous but wasn't sick, and going to the toilet urgently every 3/4 hr. most of the night- nothing but transparent mucus each time, but felt like I was going to get the runs. Made me feel hot .

Sorry to be so graphic, but don't know how else to describe it. Body was v. unhappy. Today, it's just a bit wary of food and drink, and a bit shakey.


There were some stories on BBC website in past couple of weeks about microbiome in humans which I thought might be of interest.


Am at work, over the worst, but still got some vertigo and face pain- not what you'd want when machining timber!

Didn't feel like a B12 deficiency thing -a different kind of dizzy.

Not even sure if antibiotics could affect B12 if it's injected.. .. ?

When people advised me not to take anti- and pro-biotics at the same time, I took this very literally (seem to do that a lot now) and thought they meant "do not digest them together daily at the same moment" so now wondering whether taking a course of 14 days antibiotics and 14 days probiotics simultaneously for 2 weeks was the cause of illness.

Or would the antibiotics just get rid of the probiotics (without a fight)..... ?

As you can see, Sleepybunny , I really don't have much of a clue. Perhaps need to check BBC for answers.


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