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Hydroxo sublingual overwhelming!

Hi there,

Has anyone become really wired from hydroxocobalamin sublingual or injections? I have received injections in the past with not much responce but after taking one hydroxo sublingual from seeking health, i have had a build up of intense restlessnes, anxiety and concentration problems!

I get this from methly also but this usually lasts for a day or two. I notice that many symptoms do improve like eyesight and energy but this feeling of restlessness is causing me to become very worried as it has lasted this long and is effecting my work and social life.

Hope someone can help with this.

Thank you

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Yes. I call it the roller coaster ride.


This counterintuitive symptom I find means that I was low on B 12 before i took the methyl.

The body reacts to the B12 by trying to sort everything out at once and floods the blood stream with metabolic byproducts. The brain too tries the sort the short term memory into long term memory so does a lot of extra thinking.

It mesns you need more frequent injections or take the sublinguals more often. You will then stabilize the roller coaster and not have this overshoot reaction to the B12z

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Thank you for the help. I will be careful with dosage and try a much lower dose more often. Hopefully no unnatural mental effects persist :)

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The psychological symptoms all arise from the neurological damage and subsequent repair.

Treat the erratic brain behavior as another one of your myriad of symptoms. If you are able to measure some sort of severity score of your own choosing, you can keep a logbook and monitor improvements over months and years,

For me extreme sleepiness is one that is associated with gluten or dairy contamination 24 hours earlier.

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could you be allergic to the substances in the B12. I had a problem with cyanocobalomine injections and switched to tablets.We all react to things differently. I found methylcobalomine with folate was fine,maybe a different combination would not be a problem.


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