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Stingy Injections?


Hi Everyone,

Has anyone who does SI found that you sometimes get the occasional batch of phials that really Sting? I seem to remember when the nurse gave me my injections that she said some lots seemed to be worse than others? My last two jabs made me squeal a bit which is not normal and blamed hubby first time for wrong spot etc but he swears he is doing nothing different! I get my B12 from Versando by the way and know they are good! Thanks for any Feedback xx

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Some ideas to consider.

When the weather was so cold the injections, given by my doctor, hurt. Warm them in your hand.

Then sometimes, in one arm, they hurt, upset the nerves? So I had them in the other arm, now that hurts, so have gone back to first arm which is now ok. Perhaps a nerve was hit.

I also self inject in the thigh, that has never hurt yet.

Tomorrow, I'm sure you will get more and better answers, it's getting late for the 'crocks' on here!

Catsgalour in reply to beginner1

Thanks for advice ...will try the warming as advised by yourself and others..! I was about to sign off myself ...A fellow Crock. !0 0'clock is a late night these days ..xx

In 3 years of self-injecting Rotexmedica Hydroxocobalamin 1mgx1ml. ( from versandapo ) weekly into my thighs, it’s never happened to me . totally painless .

I also think it's because the phials are too cold. Warm slightly to see if that helps.

I had all my injections so far in upper arm (deltoid), no stinging for the first two, then did start to sting. The lower the levels of B12 in my system, the less it stings, when I have built up some levels it seems to sting. Unsure if this is the reason, or it is coincidence!! I will try the warming.

I got the B12 from the same place and I find the injections painful, all of them, I'm far from squeamish, don't bit an eye lid when I get blood taken). I find that the only way I can bare the sting is by injecting very slowly, getting a bit of fluid in, resting, that about 6 or 7 times. I did find it a bit more tolerable in my tights than arms but really, if it wasn't for the benefits, I really wouldn't be looking forward to them.

Never enjoy my injections but would put up with quite a lot of pain before going back to how Ill I felt for so many years. Not usually a problem for me but will now try warming and also a different batch to see if it is just a bad stingy ! x

Having just injected this morning, I think it hurts less the deeper the needle! I forgot to warm it up though!

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