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Active B12 test-is it worth paying privately for?

Hiya, I wondered if anybody had paid privately for an active B12 test after a serum B12 fell within normal range-420. I will try to cut a long story short;

April 2017- B12 serum 166 - told I was a little bit on the low side (had asked for hormone test due to sudden appearance of acne in late twenties)

July 2017 - B12 serum 234 - normal range-ignored by doctors-had taken 60,000mcg methyl sublinguals at end of April following results

Oct 2017- B12 serum 915 - had taken 10,000mcg methyl sublinguals per day since July test (wish I hadn't now but was desperate just to feel better)

Jan 2018- B12 serum 420 - stopped all sublinguals in October. Daily multivitamin taken Oct,Nov,Dec

Intrinsic factor has been tested but is apparently fine. Symptomatic with fatigue, muscle aches, muscle twitches, toe pain, tingling toes/lower legs, acne, nail ridges, no moons on 4 fingernails.

They apparently cannot test homocysteine unless folate is low and cannot test for paritel cell antibodies if you do not test positive for Intrinsic Factor antibodies. Therefore considering paying out for the active b12 test as not too expensive and hoping it will save me waiting another three months for my serum to drop again. Any advice greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Des

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I wouldn't bother with the active B12 test. That will just show you how much B12 you have that is capable of entering the cells.

If you get an MMA test that will tell you if sufficient B12 is actually getting into the cells.

However, your B12 levels are well above average, so it's extremely likely that both active B12 and MMA tests will give normal results.


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