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This may be of interest to those whose symptoms include tinnitis


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Tinnitus is soooo annoying. I was just offered hearing aids to mask mine, but its at night that it bothers me - the very time when I wouldn't be wearing the hearing aids! A better way of assessment and treatment would be great.



I have quite severe tinnitus, partly due to middle ear surgery etc, and I agree it can be so much worse at night, when everything else is quiet. Yes, wearing hearing aids help a bit - I'm also significantly deaf in tinnitus ear too, so sound can 'mask' it, certainly.

I have my mp3 player, and ear phone in 'better' ear, when I go to bed and it's much better listening to music than the ringing. The music doesn't keep me awake, although it's not too loud. May be worth a try? You can get a 'thingy' that replaces the ear phones which you put under your pillow and so only yourself can hear it. It didnt work for me coz could only just hear it in 'better' ear but when I turned over, I heard nothing via my 'surgery' ear (don't have any of the ossicles now - just space :( Don't think these things are very expensive. Friend bought me one for birthday present several years ago.

Good luck


It sounds interesting, but my problem is that I can't sleep with noise - which is rather annoying because I can't mute the tinnitus! I haven't heard of the pillow one. I'll have to have a look for it. I wonder if listening to a talking book would work? I'll have to try it :)


A talking book would definitely send me to sleep but, unfortunately, I then don't stay asleep for long ;) 3 hrs a night is my max - for past 20 yrs - hence listening to music is good coz when I'm awake I can listen to it :)

Seriously though, that's a difficult one if you can't sleep with noise going on. Like you say, we can't switch it off :(

Have you thought of trying some 'white' sound, ie non-descriptive, like sound of wind, or when you hold a shell to your ear??? That's not, perhaps, the same as 'noise'?

[Edit] Under-pillow Speaker - amazon.co.uk/Roberts-Radio-...


My daughter uses an app with all sorts of sounds on - natural and white noise. I'll have to ask her to show me how to use it :)


Worth a try ;) If it helps, even a bit, will be good :)

Let us know how you get on ...


No medical professional has even had the courtesy to reply to me when I've tried to discuss tinnitus. The furthest I got was seeing an ENT specialist who looked in my ears and said they were 'normal' and didn't answer me when I described aural symptoms.


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