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PA and Ulcerative colitis

Hi all. Been sick for a few months. Stomach pain, bleeding, nightsweats, fatigue and worrisome bloodwork. While waiting for oncology appts, I started taking antibiotics for sinus thing. Turns out, 3 days later, all my tummy stuff went away. My bloodwork even improved. Still have some testing to do, but doc says ulcerative colitis with infection from PA. Whew! So relieved. To update my leg situation, my orthopaedic oncologist needs to take 3 more inches off my leg. I'm really sad about this, but will be the only way I have a chance to walk. Thank you all for your kind comments and support throughout this tough time💗

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So pleased to hear that you seem to be on the up with your stomach but sad that you have further problems with your leg. Good luck with your next op hope all goes well

Best Wishes

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Thinking of you as you face another operation. Glad to hear your tummy problems have improved.


glad the stomach has improved

hope the op goes well


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