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Hey guys

I’m still under investigation re: low b12 and other symptoms. Dr doesn’t think it is b12...

Anyway I’ve been ill for a few weeks before Christmas with fatigue headaches and then caught the nasty cold that was going around.

I know, as of today have another cold!

I’m guessing my immune system is rubbish. I’ve purposely refrained from supplementing due to trying to get b12 treatment from the Dr. However I need to do something as I’m fed up of always being ill!! I was thinking of taking floradix.

Will this be ok do you think?

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If your symptoms are caused by an absorption problem resulting in B12 deficiency then flora did contains nowhere near enough to fix anything.


No I know that but will it raise my levels and then give a False level for my next blood Text and therefore scupper changes of treatment?


the amounts aren't large enough to raise your blood levels if you have an absorption problem.

Did your symptoms come on quickly? more likely to be folate deficiency if they came on quickly.

Other possibilities would include Thyroid, diabetes, vitamin D

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No ongoing symptoms for years, fatigue, achey joints etc. Vertigo, loss of balance, poor fine motor skills.

It’s only in the last few months I’ve been joining the dots..


thanks for clarifying - still worth having other possibilities investigated if not done already

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Has your Vitamin D level been tested?

"Taking supplements that contain B12 will affect any tests ordered by your doctor to assess your B12 status. You should not take any supplement with B12 before having your B12 assessed (including MMA/homocysteine/Active B12)."


I was afraid you were going to say that. No I asked for vit D but can’t see it on any of the results.

Are there any supplements I can take to at least ensure my immune system is ok and I stop catching colds and getting run down?


I'm not a medically trained person so I think you need to pursue your doctor on this.

Perhaps if you could post any blood tests results you have on here together with the relevant <from - to> ranges, a more knowledgeable person will be able to give you good advice.

I wish you well

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Link about B12 testing, mentions that supplementing may affect results.


Link about What to do Next if B12 deficiency is suspected (mainly UK info).


Links about Vitamin D




Hi,having been diagnosed with b12 and p.a myself a few years ago,I saw this floradix being advertised probably 2 years ago in my local shopping precinct and thought this might be a good thing to try so I went to my local boots and other pharmacies to enquire as to if it would be a good supplement for me,but they all advised against it due to me having b12 shots every 8 weeks,the pharmacists also said that because I had regular blood tests that would show any folic acid,iron,vitamin deficiencies I would be given medicines to build my system back up so i then asked my g.p and was told not to bother with floradix as any deficiencies showing in my blood tests would require and be given the appropriate meds,I decided to try it anyway,my daughter got it for me,saying it was for herself,telling the pharmacist she was feeling tired,run down she was asked a few question i.e what meds was she taking,was she pregnant etc,anyway she finally got it,I tried it for around a week and to be honest with you,in my case I got absolutely no benefit from it whatsoever,and it's still in the cupboard now not being used,but don't let that deter you,it may be beneficial to you,I had to tell the pharmacists what meds I was and still am taking when I enquired if floradix might be beneficial to me in case it had an effect on any of my other meds,I didn't want it reacting with any of my meds and making me ill so I was just doing it safely,if you're on other meds it would probably be safe to get advice on taking floradix with them,I tried floradix,it didn't work for me and it didn't cause any adverse reactions with my other meds,it may work for you but I'd get advice before you take it just to be on the safe side,all the best and I hope things go well for you..fenty.

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