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***Gargling** for brain + gut health. Dementia? The like

Please check out Dr. Datis Kharazzian.

A very dear person posted about him.

Check out my post on dementia please. Will try 2 write more info on here later. Wanted to get the word out.

Please consider. Can find him on Twitter as well, and on YouTube. Please watch short vid on him talking about gargling and the like.

Much Care ur way.

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Yes gargling stimulates the Vagus nerve - vagus meaning wandering - which is exactly what the nerve does playing such an important role in our health - a nerve descending from the brain stem. Singing loudly and also the Uijay breath in yoga - all play their part in stimulating the nerve.

Dr Datis Kharrazian wrote the book - Why Isn't My Brain Working - has hosted on-line summits and has his own website where you can sign up for Newsletters :-)

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Ty so much! Someone here posted about him. Grateful 2 u both. Thanks so much, I'll look into it more. Much Care 2 u and all. Ox

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Cheap easy safe? Free


This can be done by all. :)


No harm in trying?

Other than, wait after eating. Don't choke? Can't really think of anything. Peace 2 all.


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