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PA and stomach diseases

Hi all. I have been sharing about my stomach issues while dealing with PA. Recently I had to go to the ER with stomach pain and passing blood. Bloodwork is elevated lymp absolute and low RBC. Ct showed thickening of gastric wall and splenic calcifications. Because of insurance and referrals, I can't see a GI specialist for about a month. I was wondering if anyone has delt with this? The bleeding has stopped, but I have constant pain in my upper left stomach that goes around to my back and sometimes up to my left shoulder. My pain also feels like I have a stitch in my side like you get when you run too much. There is another issue I'm not sure I shared. A little over 5 years ago, bone lesions were found in my right foot and heel. After several bone removals, extenal fixations and many surgeries, I developed bone infections and had to have my right leg amputated below the knee. The last operation was almost 5 mos ago. I still haven't walked and use crutches and a wheelchair to get around. They're working on my first prostheic now. I haven't walked in over 2 years. I'm so tired of medical appts, tests, surgeries ect...and just would like to get on with my life. I was diagnosed with PA about 6 mos ago after my oncologist decided to test me. I'm so thankful that was disovered because that meant there was a reason I felt so off and sick. Thank you for letting me share. Sorry for such a long post.

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wowow, really sorry to hear that you have had more stomach problems. Passing blood is really scary - and not good that you have to wait another month.

Was aware from an early post about the amputation but I can imagine that really isn't helping things. I was diagnosed as having B12 absorption problems when I ended up in hospital with a broken ankle after falling downstairs - just trying to cope with being non-weight bearing for a few months was difficult - and I still remember standing at the top of the stairs afterwards trying to figure out how you actually walked down a flight of stairs and that is nothing compared to the adjustments you are having to go through.

There isn't really much I can do but sympathise - and say that it's okay to put up a long post when you are trying to cope with so much.

Have you tried searching the other forums on HU for ones that deal with other gut problems - you may find someone on those forums who has been through precisely what you are going through now and be able to provide you with some more practical support.


Hi Wowo23 the pains you describe sound similar to those I had when I had a perforated peptic ulcer at the age of 17 fifty-eight years ago.

At the time the only solution was surgery to remove two thirds of my stomach which 13 years later led to my diagnosis of P.A. in 1972.

Fortunately, nowadays, there are medications which avoid radical surgery so hopefully you are being treated with one or other of those. It's good that the bleeding has stopped but sad that you still have residual pain

I hope things go well with your prosthetic and that you are soon mobile again.

Take care now.

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