Periods and PA

I Was diagnosed with PA a year ago. Has anyone experienced worsening symptoms around the time of their period. Sorry if this is a TMI question. But I'm just trying to figure out why I feel so terrible around that time. A week before and th week of my periods it's like all my PA symptoms return with a vengeance. Major brain fog, terrible depression, irritable, horrible memory, palpitations, headaches, etc. Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone know how to help these symptoms during this time? Thank you.

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  • Hi Renee, yes my tingles in feet, tinnitus seem to return a week before my periods. Also lower backache, palpitations etc. But then, I've always suffered from severe PMS. In the beginning before I self injected, I was given neurobion injections. It's a combination of B1, B6 and cyano and my 'pms' disappeared! Now that i'm onmethyl, they're back. I'm thinking that perhaps it's the B6 that helped?? Or else, the combination helps assimilate the b12?? Can't be sure, but am going to try the neurobion again next month and experiment.

  • Thank you for your reply. Where do you get the neurobion injections?

  • I was helped initially by a friend who used to be in medical profession in South Africa so haven't bought myself and not sure where to find in Europe. I buy methyl from Arnika Apotheke and have just emailed them to find out if they sell B complex ampoules. Will let you know when they reply. I have seen that they sell B6 ampoules on their own. (site is in german so not the easiest to navigate) but if you email them they will reply to you in English.

    A good high dose b6 supplement might be worth trying too?

  • Ok great thank you. Let me know what they say. I'm in the US. Also I'll be interested in knowing how it ones for you when you try it again

  • I think you might well be able to buy neurobion in US as I know cyano is used quite a bit there. Worth looking up

  • I've been looking online and see a few places. Will need to get filtered syringes too I think

  • I used to get bad PMS before I finally got my B12 levels right - I still get some tingling in hands but have had that for years and I think it is a form of carpel tunnel syndrome (which I do think is related to B12 as well) that gets worse because of water retention - same could well be true with feet and something akin to tarsal tunnel syndrome though I don't notice that as much. For me the worst was the anxiety which got to the point of being totally intolerable. That is in the past now though.

    I still suffer a bit from headaches/migraines - generally when hormone levels change - which got a lot worse when B12 was low but I struggle a bit with getting my B6 right these days and that can leave me with really bad headaches and gut spasms.

  • I was just about to ask this same question! I feel completely wiped out a week before my period, I'm just so exhausted even though I've been taking extra b12 supplements.

  • I always had dreadful bloating then crams but went on the change at a early age but I also had to have transfions due to the server PA but ask DR and your nurse they have always given me well trusted advice

  • Ok thank you.

  • Hi Renee,

    I feel exactly like this. I was also diagnosed about a year ago. I never used to have any problems when my period was due. But now I feel absolutely dreadful when I have it. I get really bad fatigue, palpitations and terrible migraines. It's interesting that other people feel the same, I wish we knew why though.

  • I just saw your post. I am trying differnt things. I went on L-methyl folate as I found I have the MTFHR mutation. And my hemo put me on iron infusions once a week for three weeks to get my RBC to normalized. I'm also going to see a gynecologist for ideas and ask her if an ablation would help. I can't live like this. I feel awful mentally and physically two weeks out of each month.

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