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Sourcing Hydroxocobalamin

Could anyone advise on where you can source 1ml ampules of Hydroxocobalamin? After seeking second opinions I found a very clued up & sympathetic nurse practitioner who persuaded my G.P. That 12wk B12 injections were not helpful for me and changed to every 8wks, they would have liked 4 weekly for me. but my G.P. Wouldn’t agree. In process of changing G.P. I might add. Any info r.e. Sourcing this would be much appreciated.

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I get mine from versandApo , which is a very good German online pharmacy . ( Google that and you get straight through to their site in English) Then look for Hdroxocobalamin acetat . You can buy in multiples of 10 , costing 8.99 Euros each , or 100 for 55.90 Euros . Courier cost is 8 Euros , no matter how many you order . The maker is Rotexmedica. a small manufacturing German chemist.


Thank you so much for the information 😁


You can read about the items that you need and where to order them in this post: healthunlocked.com/pasoc/po...


Thank you so much 😁


I use Amazon.de and the ampules come from Landgrafen Apotheke. The ampules are from Rotexmedica, same as Wedgewood's.


I also use Versandapo.de and pay by PayPal which automatically sorts out the exchange rates and taxes.

For more information on sources of supplies you could look up my profile by double clicking on my name and scroll down to see my post "My Experiences".

Good luck with feeling better soon.


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