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Hi Have had PA for a few years now have not had any major issues on the 3 month dose provided by my GP. However I do tend to feel different towards the end of the 3 months which I have taken as a reminder to book another shot.

This time not sure why but the waiting list at my GP has gone up to 4 weeks so could not get a shot till November !

Usual stuff I kept calm and polite the receptionist was rude general attitude was tough not my problem if you are ill - we don't have a nurse available and doctors will not do it...... so I have booked my jab for November.

Solution 2 - I live in cheshire so there is a local clinic that will provide a b12 injection expensive but ok short term to cover the gap.

Solution 3 - declare independence and buy B12 and some pins

Solution 4 - moving surgeries is still possible but no guarantee now flu jab season is here.

Anyone else in the UK having this issue?

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I too live in Cheshire but there is no way I would pay the ridiculous charges for a shot at the local clinic. I circumvent the GP surgery as much as possible as I tend to not enjoy banging my head against a brick wall. I am happily option 3 of your 4 options. It gives you way more control over the situation.


Have you thought to try another method to keep you going for the last couple of weeks?

Many try patches, sublinguals, drops or just b tablets.


I was in a similar situation, couldn't book online for my three monthly jab because of flu season. So I booked a flu jab on the phone and asked whether the nurse could do my B12 at the same time. Hey presto that worked, even though it was a week late. I suppose it depends on whether are entitled to the flu jab though!

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Another option would be to ask the GP to write you a prescription for the B12 for you to self inject. That's what they originally did for me when I went away in the middle of my loading doses. They might not want to do that though unless they know you or someone you know has been trained to IM inject. I am lucky enough to live with a pharmacist who is more than happy to jab me !

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I would feel inclined to self inject in your situation . I had to resort to that and I'm so pleased that I did . You might benefit from sprays , patches etc . I tried them all,to no effect . Also they are very expensive. Ordering Hydroxocobalamin in bulk from a German online pharmacist , and buying syringes and needles online in U.K. an injection only costs about £1.00. Its so convenient and effective !

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Solution 3. FULL STOP


Well thanks for all the replies - sort of decided as I needed the stuff to go for a blanket approach!

Very politely spoke to a doc at the practice who cut the red tape and got be in before work today - short term issue solved!

The local private was only charging £30 for a shot (done by an actual nurse) which at only 2000% mark up as not as bad as the £120 charged by some places.

Still needed a long term solution so bought 100 x 1ml Insulin Syringe & Needle 25g x 16mm

Not sure these are right and even stabbing myself once a month will not get through them before the are out of date! - I think the issue will be getting the solution out of the ampule with such a short pin and getting it deep enough int the muscle will need the whole needle.

What do you all use?

For B12 i have bought 10 x1ml of hydroxocobalamin

I could have had cyanocobaalamin but as I have no idea what the difference is it was a 50/50 punt -

Is hydroxocobalamin the right stuff?

Whats the difference?

I knew about tablets drops and patches etc are news - I thought that without intrinsic factor your gut can't absorb B12 so there is not a lot of point taking tablets unless you take lots and often (at silly prices for b12 tablets its not economically sensible)?

Anything else recommended?

Thanks all


ps - was very amused at the nurses reaction this morning when I asked her to 'show me how to inject' much confusion when she tried to say - 'youcan'ticouldn'tyoumustnotwherewillyougetitfrom'

All at once. :-)

pps - I am concerned for the NHS as I'm not sure every one would have the confidence to convince the GP Practice to give in and be sensible. Also some people would not have the resources to go private. Or even go DIY.

We need to fight harder than we are doing for the NHS it needs funding not privatising Mr Hunt!

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