Some evidence of increasing B12 awareness?

A friend went for a regular check up following a heart attack a few years ago. During the course of the follow up with the nurse he was asked about tingling in his fingers and his energy levels. Answer about tingling was yes and the answer to energy levels was that he struggles ... and the response from the nurse was to tell him to get the doctor to check his B12 levels.

I've been on at him for a long time to get his B12 levels checked but he's a stubborn cuss and always says that he's on enough medication but may be this will actually get him to get his levels checked. Whether it means his doctor knows how to interpret the test when it comes back is another matter but at least it was something pro-active from a medical professional in relation to B12.

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  • Great . Let's hope that things start improving . So many people are suffering

  • Hurrah. Good to hear this. Hope the 'stubborn cuss' acts on the advice...keep at him Gambit62 😉.

    Be interested to hear how he gets on.

  • Looking forward to the sequel Gambit62

  • Another Sally B12!

  • Hi Gambit62, yep we'll your right to mention B12, it's what I'd call a creeping condition, and it's something that you can't really put your finger on, it was only through this forum I'd realised that I might be lacking in B12, and it's only of late that I now understand why, all the following as mentioned by yourself, and general lack of energy all to boot, so I've had a five weekly course of injections and I'm not ready for doing any marathons just yet, but get your pal down to the doctors and get himself checked out and hopefully all will be good for the future, cheers

  • Good to hear that the nurse was "on the ball" regarding B12! Maybe the word is gradually getting around?

  • I went to the doctor today following a low folate reading and he actually talked to me about PA and B12 deficiency! Previously, it was rolling eyes and very difficult for any answers about it - my Mum suffers with PA and is having problems with her doctor, but fortunately has a lovely nurse who makes sure she gets her injections! Perhaps there is hope!

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