Be Aware / Beware: Prolific Spammer Across Multiple HU Communities: Communicating via Private Message: Do Not Reply-Report to Administrator

Hi All. There appears to be significant spamming activity across multiple HU communities at the moment.

The spammer communicates via private message and will ask for you to reply via your own personal email address: please do not do this.

It's a well known / well worn spammer hook - 'Someone has died and you are a benificary with money ready and waiting - da de da de know the rest. At some stage you will be asked for your bank details, or be asked to send money to process your 'claim': goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway 😉): do not send any bank details.

The spammer is registered under a variety of usernames - and keeps adding more. The HU team are restricting and banning all registrations, as and when notified so...

If you receive any of these private messages, please could you report it to one of us Admins (a PM will do) so that we can restrict the spammer and report to the HU Administrarion team for further action.

Many thanks 👍

6 Replies

  • It,s endemic I have stopped answering the telephone they come up with the most outlandish stuff my latest was a donation for unborn children.What is to make of that?

  • Thank you foggyme. Always looking out for us !

  • Many thanks Foggy

  • Thanks for the warning Foggy!

  • Thank you, really detest these people as they do target vulnerable people.

  • PA rocks, love this community - admin and others have been so helpful! I got my life back due to them!

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