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Heart arrhythmia

Hi all

My bloods are all 'normal' as I said in my previous post. But I have been having really bad arrhythmia since Saturday. Mostly missing beats, every 4-10 beats there is just a space. Or occasionally two very close together. It's been constant, I wake up with it and go to bed with it. It seems worse when I am resting, but maybe that's because I am more aware of it then? Can the B12, or low iron/folate/ mhc cause this? All the numbers are on my previous post. As I said before the gp said it's all psychological but it isn't.

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Hi Dee215. Heart palpitations can be experienced as symptoms of B12 deficency, iron deficiency anaemia, low folate, low potassium etc.

However, heart palpitations can also be caused by many other things.Here's a link that will give you more information:


Palpitations caused by deficiencies usually happen occasionally (but perhaps several times a day) or in short runs that stop quite quickly.

Palpitations are horrible and frightening and are not usually serious.

However, if your palpitations are are constant and don't seem to let up at all, you should see your GP, who can perform an ECG and decide if any further action or treatment is necessary. If this is the case, it would be good idea to make an urgent appointment with your GP (for tomorrow). If you can't get in at your surgery, then you could go to an out of hours NHS clinic - they will also be able to performs an ECG and assess whether further treatment is required.

Palpitations can be a symptom of an underlying heart arrhythmia, arrhythmia being when you have some kind of heart rhythm problem or disturbance, which usually involves a very fast regular or irregular heart beat, a very slow heart beat, or a heart beat that becomes very rapid and disorganised.

Palpitations (and arrhythmias) are considered to be a medical emergency if you get severe shortness of breath, pass out or start getting dizzy or light-headed, get chest pain or tightness in your chest (sometimes women get backache instead of chest pain), or get numbness and/or pain in your left shoulder, arm, or jaw.

If you have (or get) any of these symptoms, go to A & E immediately.

So, go to your GP to get this checked out (or perhaps a different GP in your practice, given the performance of your current one) - I'd suggest an emergency appointment if it hasn't settled down by now.

Or straight to A & E if you're worried or things get worse - even if only for your own peace of mind.

But most certainly go to A & E if you get any of the symptoms related to medical emergency (as above).

Hope all goes well...let us know how you get on.


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Thanks Foggy. We are still on holiday at the moment so Dr won't really be a possibility until Tuesday. It's different to palpitations, it's more or less constant, has been since Saturday, but not regular if you see what I mean? It's mostly missing a beat, if I feel my pulse there is a definite space, sometimes every 4-10 beats, sometimes a bit further apart. It isn't painful, I am just very aware of it, like my heart is pounding. I have been having dizzy light headed moments for a while, especially when I stand up, or go upstairs. And I am tired all the time. Thanks for being there. It's reassuring and I do appreciate it x

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