Night cramp


I've posted my numerous symptoms on here numerous times. Now I have started to get night cramps (oooohhhh! Painful) in my calf muscles. I haven't had such things for years but now I remember having them occasionally prior to my b12 deficiency diagnosis over a year ago.

Are they likely to be a symptom of b12 deficiency?

Thanks for any response


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  • Hi it might be your potassium level is a bit low , have found a banana or coconut water helps when I get bothered with cramping , but maybe the other members have other ideas 😊😊

  • HI,

    I used to get agonising foot cramps but now take a magnesium supplement and make sure I eat potassium rich foods eg bananas.

  • Is your salt intake ok.

  • I had exactly the same problem - now gone, since I started supplementing with magnesium!

  • When I was pregnant I got Charlie horses in my calves and my OB said I needed Calcium. It worked for me but maybe because I was pregnant.

  • Do you drink filtered/bottled water for hydration? If you do, the filtration filters out those trace minerals. Take a trace multi mineral supplement or take magnesium/potassium/ calcium supplement individually. The muscle cramps are due to a lack of electrolyte minerals ( potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium in balance). Just using salt will result in cramps too. If no trace mineral supplement available take a multivitamin which has these minerals as part of the mix.

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