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I'm not a big drinker...I only drink wine a couple of days a week when myself and my hubby have a few days off...but I'm finding since I started the injections every other alcohol tolerance is very low..and I suffer bad hangovers..does anyone else find this???...or am I imagining it???...on a good note😆.....after three weeks on the injections my neurological symptoms are getting less...I'm hoping for a full recovery...but still early days...all the best guys 😜.............

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Hi Frances55, I have had a similar experience.

Before I started B12 supplementation I had no problem with alcohol ;) In fact, even if I had not drunk anything for weeks I would wake up feeling awful as if I was hungover so it made no difference. It sometimes felt an improvement with a slight but real hangover!

Now I feel sleepy tired most of the time, while before I felt mentally tired but not sleepy. If I do drink then I feel more like I did before I started taking large amounts of B12. Not very good.

Sounds to me we are both healing :)


I thought it was all in my head😔.... You're absolutely right.. It's the healing... I suppose my body can't process the 🍷 wine.. and deal with the recovery at the same time... I'll either cut back the wine intake or just give it up until I've healed.....hope you feel better soon... and thanks soooo much for your reply ☺ ☺.......

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