Got my legs back and feeling much better since I found a new doctor

After being found to have B12 deficiency (206) and fighting with my doctor who only wanted to give me one shot, I found another doctor who was up on the effects of B12 deficiency. He gave me a prescription for 12 more shots weekly or until the pain in my legs started to recede. Well on he 12th shot, my pain began to release and I'm getting better every week now. I still take the shots but I take them every 2 weeks and if it keeps up, it will go to every month or more.

Along the ordeal, I lost the muscle mass in the calves of my legs to about 30 % of normal. I now have most of that muscle back. I can thank my current doctor for getting me back to a normal life and out of all the pain I suffered.

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  • Congratulations! Im so glad to read a post concerning improvement and a helpful doctor..

  • Also a few weeks ago, just before my pain started to recede, I went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Mn. They ran me through many test for 6 days and they told me that it was probably from B12 deficiency after they eliminated everything else. About a week after I got back from Mayo, the pain started to go away. Thanks God and my new doctor.

  • Thank you for posting your story.

    How lovely to hear that you have found a well-informed doctor who listened to you.

    I'm sure it gives hope to all those on this forum still chasing adequate treatment.

  • Long may you continue to improve

  • I am curious to know if you are in the UK . If so, you are to be congratulated on finding such a doctor . Hang onto him . I'm so pleased for you ! Best wishes

  • Great news. It has taken me 15 years to get a Doctor to start me on B12.

  • oh how good to read a happy story! keep it up....

  • Well done always better to work with your doctor.

  • Did you exercise to regain the muscle mass?

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