Has anyone had a problem with getting to much B12. My count was down to 258 so doctor started me on B12 shots right away. First shot took me to 425. Second shot a month later took me to 878. Don't what third shot to me to but couldn't stand up for three days because of being so dizzy. Doctor took me off all shots for two months and now has be on a half of shot ever month. Has anyone had this happen to them? Also, when I don't seem to sleep like last night I get the diaherra and feel awful. All most like stomach flu. Gas is a big problem too. When I take a diaherra pill it will stop and than when I finally go it starts my hemroids bleeding. It seem like a vicious cycle. Any one in the same boat as me? When will I feel normal again? Had to leave my job because of this. Found Activia helps with the gas. Can't eat a lot of foods.

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  • As far as I am aware you cannot overdose on B12. Some people do have reactions to the other ingredients in the injections - which can amount to anaphalactic shock so it may be worth looking at whether you are sensitive to any of the other ingredients.

    Also, during early stages of treatment your potassium levels can be affected - they can fall - hypokalaemia - symptoms of which include dizziness, general weakness, muscle pain and tiredness. Has your doctor monitored your potassium levels at all?

    Following is a section from CDC (US) site on B12deficiency


    Vitamin B12 is considered safe, even at levels much higher than the recommended dose. It has not been shown to be toxic or cause cancer, birth defects, or mutations.10,75 Be aware, however, that patients who have a vitamin B12 deficiency with associated megaloblastic anemia might experience hypokalemia and fluid overload early in treatment due to increased erythropoiesis, cellular uptake of potassium, and increased blood volume.

    Some people also experience problems with acne and rashes but that seems to be an initial response as the B12 starts to work and seems to go away with time once levels have been properly stabilised.

    On the not sleeping - I find it difficult to sleep if my B12 levels drop and taking some B12 (nasal spray) helps me sleep/get back to sleep. If my B12 levels are low then I also have problems with diarrhoea and I certainly have a lot of problems with 'gas' - though I find that some pro-biotic yoghurt each day seems to help with that .... besides making sure that I get some calcium - love cheese but not a fan of milk.

    Its really difficult to say when you will feel better because people vary so much when it comes to B12. It also depends on what your symptoms are and if you are being treated with the right format of B12 for you and at the right doses.

    I went backwards in the first 15 months of treatment but then started treating myself with much higher doses (the nasal spray I referred to) and problems resolved themselves quite quickly but I don't know exactly how deficient I was before treatment started - have been unable to get hold of a copy of the blood test that identified B12 deficiency.

    Hope that you start to feel better soon.

  • Is the nose spray by prescription only or can you buy over the counter?

  • In the UK it is only injectible forms of B12 that are covered by prescription only - everything else is available without restriction - because anything that can be injected is classed as prescription only.

    I get nasal sprays and nasal drops from detox people.

  • Potassium count is good. Don't think ingredients in shots had anything to do with dizziness because half shots are not making me dizzy. Saw a video on Internet a while ago and that person said she got dizzy when her B12 went high from to many shots. My sleep has always been awful but now if I don't get at least five hours of sleep I usually get the diaherra. Last night got 3 1/2 hours of sleep and have been in the bathroom 7 times. And still when I try to nap I can't fall asleep. Do most people who get the diaherra take pills to stop it or do they wait for it to stop on it's own? So tired feeling like I have the flu. Also, legs have been hurting me when I try to sleep.

  • It is always possible that there is more going on than just B12.

    I don't take anything for diarrheoa - just keep my fluid levels up.

    Can't comment on the video as I haven't seen it. People do vary in the way they respond to B12 and the damage that the B12 is trying to repair doesn't all get repaired at once and problems that may have been prominent at one point and then receded may resurface again - I certainly went through a period when I had more pins and needles related issues than I remembered for quite a while.

    It may be that you are actually overanxious about trying to sleep and that is a vicious circle that stops you from sleeping - I haven't generally had problems with sleep for many years but do find that getting up and doing something that makes me relax - eg making a pot of tea (not necessarily drinking any of it) is more constructive than tossing and turning - but we are all different so hope you manage to find strategy that works for you.

  • Hi Wienke514,

    I have the same but its now helped with medication I get prescribed after I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy. You really should request to see a Gastroenterologist. The Gastro and procedures gave me lots of answers as to why I am B12 def (and folate) , and why this terribly tummy, I have an abnormal terminal ileum, its smooth so uptake and recycling of Bile is bad (plus vitamins).

    Do go and see a gastro there are so many reasons for trouble and vitamin deficiencies which can all be investigated/ excluded,

    Kind regards,


  • Sorry, I had those test too. Nothing showed up and than she said I'll check your B12 but your MD did 6 months ago and nothing showed up. But she was wrong and she was surprised to see my B12 levels were 258. She told to go back to my MD and he would treat me. That's what I have been doing since last October. MD put me on 1,000cc of B12 shots monthly until I was so high in it that I couldn't stand for 3 days because of being dizzy. MD backed me down to 500 cc every month and going to go for another blood test in two weeks to see where my levels are now. Takes so long to get this right and getting stressed out over it. Never know how I'm going to feel any given day!

  • I've had tummy problems with PA too.The only thing that has helped me with that is a water-based probiotic called SYMPROVE -Unfortunately expensive, but worth every penny to me. Apparently PA can cause low gastric acid so food does not digest properly. Instead it ferments, causing tummy pain and belching. The pro biotics help to sooth the stomach, and helps good bacteria to get the upper hand. As regards the dizziness, I had that when my B12 serum count was 150, but injections solved it . Sorry I can't help on that. As regards sleeping, I just read in a German book that B12 is needed to make Melatonin ,which in turn is needed for good sleep. But it takes some time to establish good sleep patterns. Are you taking a good Vitamin B complex with the folate(B9) as METAFOLIN not FOLIC ACID? You need them for proper utilisation of B12. Or best of all eat plenty of green leafy veg, some raw e.g. watercress. Peas are also good. I hope that I have helped a little. There are lots of people out there with better knowledge than me, and I am sure that you will eventually hear from them. The very best of luck to you,and I hope that you will be able get back to your job.

  • Have been on many probiotics but not the one you mentioned. I heard you should keep trying different ones because your body gets use to them. It's nice to hear from people like me. Not sure doctors understand that PA really changes your life. I'm doing good for awhile than it hits. Have to watch everything I eat. So many foods send me to the bathroom. Down and out today! Scared to try different things like nose sprays and more B 12 tablets after having those dizzy spells when my B12 went so high. I know what works for one person may not be the answer for others. People just don't realize what I'm going through. Glad I found this site so I can hear from other like me. Thank you for you input.

  • Hi Wienke.

    I've had various digestive and stomach problems for years but have found the best relief from avoiding gluten and taking the following when needed:

    Saukraut, from health food shop - amazing stuff that, apparently, contains trillions more good bacteria than any probiotic capsule.

    Cider vinegar - brilliant diluted for gall bladder symptoms and low stomach acid,

    Vogel's Centaurium for acid reflux

    Swedish Bitters - good for all the above but especially good for regularising bowels,

  • Can't eat salad or most vegetables right now gives me diaherra.

  • I find I feel jittery/palpitations if I've had too much B12. I've discovered the kind of B12 makes a huge difference in how I feel. Here in the United States my doctor only provides cyanoB12 which is felt to be the worst option, so I've been handling this on my own with injectable cyanoB12 only as a backup.

    The hydroxoB12 nasal spray from detoxpeople (they ship to the US) seems particularly strong and I was jittery for a couple of days after applying in both nostrils. Next time I'll only do one side for a 500 mcg dose.

    I also obtained methylB12 for SC injection. I've found injecting 250 mcg to be about right. It's easier to more precisely control the amount injected than with the nasal.

    I've been taking digestive enzymes with meals particularly when I'm having meat. Contains Betaine HCl to replace stomach acid, plus other enzymes. I believe it helps, though today I do have some stomach pain. Sometimes I wonder whether my stomach lining keeps trying to regenerate itself and the pain is the IF antibodies destroying it as I seem to get tummy pain in cycles.

  • Like Tracy, I've found enzymes helpful with digestive issues too, currently taking Bromelain. I was taking Betaine, but found there was gluten in the tablet which I also avoid. Since stopping gluten, I've mostly stopped vomiting. Also had to stop drinking tap water (get a severe burning sensation in stomach after a few glasses) and eating spicy, fatty or acidic food. Can't take aspirin or NSAIDs.

  • Hi Wienke. Are you sure there isn't some other problem here? It may merely be a coincidence that this has coincided with you getting a shot. Perhaps you should get a coeliac test? You don't say why you have low B12 to start with. Could there be a coeliac problem underlying this?

  • What is coelic? Doesn't come up in a dictionary. Never heard of it.

  • Coelic is a spelling error. Coeliac is a disease. And I wasn't trying to take your pernicious anaemia away from you, merely suggesting that you may have had another problem as well, confusing the issue. Best of luck with getting to the bottom of it.

  • My mother had pernicious anemia and my B12 count was 258.

  • Hi,

    Hope these links might explain about coeliac disease (celiac on USA sites).



  • No, I've tested for gluten. Came back negative.

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