New 'Disease Primer' on B12 deficiency in Nature

Nature Reviews run occasional Disease Primers. This month their subject is Vitamin B12 deficiency.

This is the sort of article that busy doctors might bother to look at. It is a prestigious journal and I'd be surprised if a lot of medics don't at least check the contents.

Unfortunately only the abstract is available for free. But I'm tempted to buy the full thing for $35.

4 Replies

  • Great find, thank you for sharing.

  • I wonder if its something the PA society could cover the cost of, if the information is relevant enough for the society as a whole, and usable within the society.

  • Unfortunately purchasing the paper would come with restrictions on redistribution.

    However, writing a summary should be OK.

  • The paper ends with:

    Much has been learned about B12 since its isolation

    and characterization almost 70 years ago. As the pace of

    scientific progress continues to accelerate, it is likely that

    there will be answers to most of the questions posed in

    this Primer, but other scientific questions are bound to

    arise. Above all, the anticipation that the global burden

    of B12 deficiency will be considerably alleviated is an

    outcome that is both reasonable and desirable.

    Can someone tell those who make clinical decisions about this reasonableness and desirability?

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