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Urinary MMA testing methods and values


Hi all, I paid to have a Urinary MMA testing done but now I'm wondering if it was done correctly/using the right figures.

Some testing methods describe fasting sample of urine - single sample, others a 24 hour sample. I was asked to collect a 24 hr sample (not advised to fast), then pour a very small amount of it into a tube and that is what they tested - also a very vague measuring system - a wonky label only showing 1/2 and 1 litre increments.

also the units used - almost everywhere I look the suggested ranges for Urinary MMA are in mcg/mg of creatinine - "Results are given in micrograms per milligram (mcg/mg). The normal range for a MMA-to-creatinine ratio in a urine sample is less than 3.8 mcg/mg per mg of creatinine."

Whereas my test result the units was given as mg/g creatinine with a similar number for the value.

my results show - Methylmalonic acid - Urine 1.12 mg/L Creatinine 0.50 g/l Methylmalonic acid/creatinine 2.2 mg/g crea < 3.7

I'm wondering if this is a reliable test/result given the value/units don't seem to match with what I see elsewhere, and the difference/vagueness of sample collecting/method.

Am I right to be suspicious of the accuracy of my particular test?

I was also supplementing with oral B vitamins until 6 weeks before the test. I have had multiple B12D symptoms for at least 2 years including painful neuropathy.

I would appreciate any helpful comments.

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Kasty - can you go back to the people that did the test with your queries? and ask them to explain the units and results to you?

I think your questions are a bit too technical and may go to details about methodology that would require input from the tester anyway.

Unfortunately the symptoms of B12 overlap with a number of other conditions so it may be correct that your results are indicating that B12 deficiency isn't an issue for you.

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