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B12 symptoms and sunshine

Hi all

I'm Just back from a week in the sun.

Although fatigue worsened and I felt wiped out, i felt a real noticeable improvement in my neuro symptoms - esp pins and needles.

Thinking what's going on here?!

Tried to google info on any link but nothing much.

So wondering what your experiences are? How do your symptoms react in the sun?

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My neuropathy (not B12 related) includes some Raynaud's-like symptoms. In the cold weather (less than about 20°C) my fingers become cold, numb and wrinkled. In this hot weather it's a lot better.


Maybe your levels of vitamin D increased from sun exposure?

Just did a very quick search and found a BMJ article saying that symptoms of diabetic neuropathy (not suggesting you're diabetic) were greatly helped by a large dose of vitamin D in a study, for example.

The same thing happened to me years ago after a rare holiday in the sun. Felt I was back to normal for a few weeks. However now I'm heat intolerant (brings on migraine and intense fatigue) so must be very careful.


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