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I was diagnosed with B12 many years ago and my blood test showed up that I was border line and would need injections fairly soon, as I was not able to absorb it. I was also told that it was not curable. Since then I have asked for a B12 test at my now Dr's and grudgingly have had two in the last 13 yrs but they said both were fine?????? I have a lot of the symptoms that go with this am very tired cannot go all day without a nap of 1 - 2 hrs, I am very lethargic and find it hard to get things done. I have depression and find it hard to be content. Can I have this test done privately and if so would it be very expensive. I am 70 yrs old.

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B12 was 291 Ref Range 197-771

Folate was 7.0 Ref range 3.9- 26.8

Thank you


I had a similar experience , and had to resort to consulting a private GP in a Nuffield Hospital , where I was tested for the Intrinsic Factor Antibodies . It proved positive , so I had Pernicious Anaemia , an autoimmune condition , for which there is no cure . Cost 2 years ago -consultation £90 , blood test £70 . The trouble is that the test is very unreliable . You can test negative, but still have PA .But if you test positive , you really do have PA .

Have you been receiving B12 injections , since you were told that you were borderline , and that the condition was incurable ? You should be receiving injections because of your symptoms , no matter what the test says.

My NHS GP will only give my one injection every 3 months which is insufficient for keeping me well , so I have learned how to self-inject . It has changed my life ! I have to inject one a week . I also take folic acid tablets( 400 .micrograms daily)as folic acid works with B12 . It is very important . It can be taken normally , by mouth . I am 80 years old . Self injection is frowned upon by most GPs , but I have no choice if I'm to feel well . I'm sure that you will receive more advice from other members . I can assure you that you have come to the best place for advice . If you are a member of the society , you can receive advice by phoning . Very best wishes to you .


I am on no medication for this at all. They just won't listen. My life is becoming so miserable. Thank you for your help. Yes I am a member I joined today.


Just your age Annikauk1 puts you at risk of developing a B12 deficiency. Are you taking medicines such as proton pump inhibitors, antacids etc which affect absorption? What sort of diet do you have?

I would ask for both your serum B12 and serum Folate be tested plus the "flavour of the month" these days your vitamin D "production" of which is also lessened with age.

I wish you well


Yes I have an Hiatus Hernia so yes I do take them. I asked for a vitamin D test and was told they only give those to pregnant women and there's more important things than that I should be taking. I have just given up on the Dr's now no point. Thank you for your reply.

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B12 is 291 ref range 197-771

Folate is 7.0 ref range 3.9-26.8



Hi Annikauk1 are these recent results and has anything changed during the last six months?

Have you received any treatment for B12 and Folate and was your Vitamin D ever tested?

The results above would be classed as "Normal" or "within range". Are you still having the same lot of symptoms?


Yes they are recent results. Yes seem to get more things now, like bumping into things and my husband can say something walk out the room come back and I have forgotten what he said. no never had any treatment, vitamin D never checked. Yes symptoms still the same. I was once told I might have Fibromialga maybe it is that just know I have had enough don't know where I am coming or going anymore.

Thanks for answering


Vitamin D deficiency is very common as we grow older. I am a senior, as well. I take 4,000 I.U. of supplemental vitamin D every day. Folate supplements in the form of folic acid are contraindicated for the elderly and can lead to cognitive decline. It is far better for us to get actual folate from our diet by increasing our intake of greens and vegetables like: romaine lettuce, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, mustard and turnip greens, lentils and also from calf and chicken liver. B12 deficiency is extremely common in seniors, as well. I have ordered a new B12 oil from Australia to try because I have grown weary of feeling like a pincushion. I have a form of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome that affects my skin so injections leave huge bruises that take forever to heal. There is a lot of credible information about Vitamin D on the internet that includes new data on healthy levels in our bodies.


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