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MRI issues

I've had three MRI scans since September last year. The first was a brain scan and some time after that I begin to experience skin burning on the front of my right thigh.

I never made any connection between the burning and the MRI, then when I read about b12 and burning skin I guessed I'd found the cause.

I had a third MRI two weeks ago (my second spinal cord one) and this time with contrast.

Since the last MRI I've had burning sensations pretty much all over my body. I've tried antihistamines but it's doesn't do much.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with with MRI or b12.

It's like I've been out in the sun far too long but even on parts of my body that have not been exposed to sunlight.

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Whenever I've had an M.R.I, I come out looking like a beetroot! A couple of times, I've got so hot during the scan that I've been just about to press the call button when the scanner starts doing something else and it eases.

I feel hot and red for an hour or so after, but it wears off then. I've not had it last any longer.

When I had an angio done and they put the contrast in, they did say I might feel a hot sensation (I didn't) could it maybe be that?

I have a sun allergy, but I haven't noticed that it's any worse since taking the B12.


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