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Follow up tests

Hi everyone

Back to docs again today to discuss my latest blood results . I was expecting to have a bit of a fight on my hands, but I went in with a printed list of my symptoms , and a letter outlining my history , and requesting a trial of B12 injections. My B12 level was 243 in January ( ref range 200-900), and my doctor told me then that it would be 'clinically wrong' to start injections. After repeat tests in April my level had dropped to 210 (,just within 'normal' range.) . I gave my letter to doctor,( easier to do than try to explain everything ). She read it through, then agreed that my levels were dropping and would probably continue to drop, whilst my condition would deteriorate. She agreed to me having the injections, which I will begin next Tuesday . She was a little vague as to how often I should have them, but that is a bridge for crossing later . I am so happy that I have this and would say to others please persevere, put your points across confidently, and have letters and any supporting documentation with you. It is so easy to forget things if you haven't written them down . I realise that I have been quite lucky with my doctor, but I couldn't have done this without all your helpful comments on this forum. I will continue to post my progress on here, Thank you all

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WEll done. You must have presented a very good case extremely well. I hope you are soon feeling so much better and the doctor is cooperative etc. :)

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