Plunger won't go in

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had ever experienced SI into their legs and the plunger won't push down? There seems to be a spot or 2 in my right leg where it happens, I withdraw, change the needle and try a different spot or the other leg and it works so it doesn't seem that the plunger is jammed. Could it be scar tissue? I e o ly been doing SI since November 2016 so not sure.

Thank you!

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  • Just asked a long term diabetic injector this question for you. He says yes.

    Need to do different areas each time. Especially if you are doing subcut.

  • Thank you!

  • My daughter is diabetic and has the same problem occasionally. Sometimes withdrawing the needle slightly does the trick, sometimes not. Her injections are S/C, so it's not to do with the muscle and she has no lumps or scar tissue in the area that we can tell. We don't really know why it happens, although with the thinness of the needles, our guess is that a piece of her tissue is blocking the tip somehow.

  • That actually makes sense too, thank you. Was worried I had started doing something wrong but it's nerve wracking going out and back in.

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