Rump sore, try somewhere else???

Rump sore, try somewhere else???

Dear PA Friends,

I have been getting weekly B12 shots since last August and they will contine for life. My rear / rump in the hip area never gets to recover much week after week dispite switchen back and forth each week. Any suggestions?

Otherwise, I basically have my life back! I can read books, work in tne yard and house, have active social calendar as well as spend time with my 2 year old granddaughter!

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  • I have mine in my arm every 8 weeks. You could try alternating buttocks then arm . There are other areas that it can be given too.

  • Could try your upper thigh. I have seen people who subcut into their stomach, (not my first choice i know).

  • My injections are always in the upper arm. I think as long as it's given into a muscle it doesn't matter which one?

  • Hi

    I have daily injections and I do them myself in my arms. Yes you can do them into say the outside of your stomach but having tried them in my leg upper outside quadrant I'd never do b12 there again.

    If you have a jacuzzi near you in a health club that helps or massaging the area definitely does. But yes arms are more muscular- I rarely have an issue.

    Good luck

  • I use to weekly injections, alternating between both of my arms, maybe you could do all four spots and go in clockwise rotation! :-) Giving each area more time to recover.

  • I inject weekly into the muscle of my thigh- the middle outer third . I use a very thin needle( 1 inch long and gauge 25 ) Absolutely pain- free and effective . I keep a note of which thigh I use, and alternate thighs .If you are self injecting , I think you would find the thigh the best place . Love the photo with your darling granddaughter . Best wishes to you both .

  • I am writing from the US. I am a nurse who has PA. There is a prescription B12 nasal spray which was released in the last few years manufactured by Endo Pharmaceuticals. It is called Nascobal. I have been on it for several years after initially being treated with intramuscular injections. It has be a life changer. It is quite costly and my insurance has removed it from their formulary. I am appealing. No one should be subjected to monthly intramuscular injections for a lifetime when there is a superior treatment. My mother had PA. Her hips became fibrotic after years of injections. Due to her size, site rotation was not an option. Later in life she was on a blood thinners and intramuscular injections are contraindicated. This was a real problem.

    Unfortunately, there is no generic for the spray which I assume is one reason the price is so inflated. I do understand from speaking to Endo Pharmaceuticals that some insurance companies cover it. Perhaps it is an option for you.

  • You can have it in your shoulders, thighs if self injecting or alternate buttocks.

  • You might be injecting too fast, you need to inject slowly. I slowly count to 20 when injecting 1ml.

    If you use straight from the fridge it can also happen.

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