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B12 getting better

Hi Guys,

After loading doses and than weekly doses and now fortnightly, than monthly. I can say I am feeling really good, I have to much Iron in my system.

I had issues with memory and anxiety, and dulled hearing, all symptoms seem to have gone, I am so lucky to have found a doctor that recognised low B12 symptoms.

Now question, a couple of days ago, I experienced a lot of muscle spams in both upper arms, was quite scary, but has gone now and all back to normal.

I have read that when the B12 starts to kick in and work, these type of things can happen, as a sign it is repairing everything.

Has anyone else had muscle spasm?.


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I can't say I've had muscle spasms.

I have had very badly aching muscles, but I've put that down to doing the sort of exercise that I used to do before I fell ill. Now my body obviously isn't used to it so it complains when I do what it now considers as being too much.


Yes I've had muscle spasms. I used to have incredibly painful ones in between my ribs that used to make me collapse to the floor sometimes (there was no real interest from the doctors when I tried to explain this symptom).

I also used to get random muscle spasms elsewhere but most of these have gone since I started B12. If they start to increase I tend to take it as a sign I need more B12.

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