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Loading doses b12


I have a query on loading doses. Often it is said that 6 doses (1 mg of b12) every other day.

Now is it okay if someone takes 0.5 mg (methylclobamin) regularly for 12 days, technically it's the same thing.

Also I had initial loading doses a month ago (eight 0.5 mg injection every other day ) however my symptoms have returned veritigo and balance issues and my recent blood report shows B12 at 552, initially it was 156 (in May'18)

As I heard from many of you that treatment should be based on symptoms and not on B12 values.

So I am planning to take the loading doses again, hope it's the right decision. Please advise.

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In theory twelve doses of 0.5 mg, once a day, would be slightly more efficient that six doses of 1 mg every other day.

However, how are you planning on administering 0.5 mg? If you have ampoules that contain that amount then that’s perfect. But if you’re going to open a 1 mg ampoule and store half of it until the following day then I wouldn’t be so keen.

Not using the full ampoule straight away gives the possibility of bacterial contamination. And injecting bacteria isn’t a good thing. In this situation I’d prefer to inject the whole ampoule.

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Thanks for your response ! Well I have 0.5 mg of ampoules with me hence shouldn't be a problem.

So is it okay if I take 12 dose of 0.5 mg or shall I continue with 0.5 till the time I don't see any improvement in my symptoms.

I was doing well until I joined a new company last week and had a stressful week and bang came some of my symptoms.

I was taking oral 1500 B12 but I guess that was not enough.

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If you can get to see a doctor please also ask him/her to check your Folate level as this and B12 help your iron to make red blood cells and to function properly.

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Thanks Clive ! I will definitely check for folate and Iron .. though I am taking 2 mg of folate everyday (mixed with other multivitamin).. and I am drinking lemon juice daily.

I am planning to take something for Iron though...

Also can stress trigger the symptoms again !

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