Some difficulties with s/c hydroxycobalamin injections

Hello all, I have been doing my own injections s/c for some months now, but increasingly am having difficuties when trying to get the needle to initially pierce my skin. I am 62, and my skin is obviously not so firm anymore (so doesn't offer much resistance to push against), I find I'm trying to push the needle in and my skin just keeps giving underneath, it's quite stressful, and I'm starting to lose my confidence. If anyone has any helpful suggestions I'd be very grateful - I'm injecting in to lateral thigh.

A second issue that has arisen is that twice now, the injected fluid seems to have pooled under the skin leaving a lump - which disperses within 24 hours - am I getting the angle wrong? I try to go in at 90 degrees. Also, if this happens does it mean I won't absorb as much of the B12?


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  • I'm not medically trained but I think I read somewhere that some that self inject B12 use needles diabetics use for insulin.

    I hope this helps

  • Are you a member of the pernicious anemia society as you can join for £20 and have access to the support from them and they could advise etc.

  • I had to start using insulin needles which can be bought in chemists or online....I use 1 ml superfine. I draw up from the vial with a different ( any type ) syringe and needle then transfer to the superfine one so it stays very sharp and goes in easily. Pinch the skin a bit and in it goes.

    Have had the odd lump where I inject which like yours disperses over 24 or so hours, no problem.

    Good luck.

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