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Anemia Profile: Megaloblastic

Anemia Profile: Megaloblastic

Anything unusual here?

See link ( for background, but as a quick summary, my B12 serum is now good after taking sublingual supplements for the last several months (>2000). Yet I am still having low B12 symptoms, particularly feeling cold, shortness of breath, and neurological. Also, lowish RBC, highish MCV still.

Judging from these tests results, should I just give up on thinking that my problems are B12 related? I originally tested in the low 200's prior to beginning treatment.

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If you were supplementing with B12 prior to having MMA and Homocysteine tests, it's possible that the results of those tests may have been affected by the supplementation.


symptoms of B12 deficiency overlap with a number of other conditions.

If all the evidence you have is pointing away from B12 deficiency - would suggest that you look into other possibilities and rule those out.


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