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Sorry hit the wrong key - another question I'm afraid

I have petechia spots on the midriff which are randomly spread not clumped together, having ignored them I now notice they have also appeared on my arms and legs, a couple are raised and pink but not moles.

Now being hypothyroid and PA diagnosed with normal treatments of Levo and B12 plus vitamin D supplements I seem to be constantly trekking up the docs, who is far from brilliant having told me when my vitamin d was low to "go get some sun", unfortunately the NHS does not fund holidays.

Anyway should I go back and show the doc, they don't cause me any discomfort, or shall I continue to ignore them and accept it as part of getting older🤔



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Found a link that mentioned B12 deficiency and petechia.

Another link that mentions petechia

I read that petechia can sometimes indicate underlying health conditions so I'm sure GP would be interested in knowing you have them.

I am not a medic just a person who has struggled to get a diagnosis.


Geordi - just wanted to let you know that I deleted the other post - and that you can edit posts - use the down arrow net to the follow post button and select edit - there is also an option to delete there.

Can't really add to Sleepybunny's response.

Getting out in sunlight is important for vitamin D - not necessarily about it being warm but about enough skin being exposed to UV light - and for that the sun needs to be relatively high in the sky which is why it tends to be an issue in the winters away from the tropics.

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