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last chance saloon

I went back to docs with scheduled appointment to run through all my latest results. When he called me through, he informed me there was a medical student with him to observe and did I have any objections? I naturally told him that was okay.

He listened to my chest and back..checked my pulse etc. He ran through my test results...all fine and all within range.

Serum Vitamin B is 268

Folate 14.8

I told him about a new symptom.. ..tenderness across my right cheekbone ..nothing visible but even hurts when I smile.

He checked my mouth/teeth and said if it persists, I need to check it out with my dentist.

Reminded him of my extreme fatigue from waking to bedtime, even though I can sleep up to eight hours a night.

"I don't know what else to suggest about that...we've had quite a lot of tests done now. Come back and see me in two months"

Oh..and he also asked me if I worked and if I was still able to do my job. On reflection, I should've said that I struggled all the time....some days being worse than others.

I came out of there feeling like he thought I was a malingerer...making it all up..that there was nothing wrong with me.

Did I make an appointment to go back and see him ? Did I chuff.

Going to change practices pronto....he is playing Russian Roulette with my life, I strongly believe that.

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In your last post of a month ago - I touched upon your thyroid. Do you have the results with ranges you mentioned .... ? In the link above :-)

Sorry your appointment was not as positive as you had hoped. Did you contact the PAS ?


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